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"I know you feel a little jealous, but I can't help if my city's a little bigger then yours!"
- Zao's Resolve of Shang Mu

Zao is the Mayor of Shang Mu, who was elected some time before the events of Freedom Planet.


Zao is a Red Panda, whose fur color is a reddish-brown and white with green eyes and a height shorter compared to other Avalicians. He wears a royal outfit in the nation's colors, red and yellow, which likely resemble Fire Dragons. Zao also wears a large hat in the shape of an air balloon, with a crown placed in the middle and two red jewels with gold edges placed above on both sides.


Zao is known for his charisma that, along with a rigged democratic rule, led him to become Shang Mu's Mayor. He is shown to be greedy, as he'll take any opportunity to ensure his chances for re-election. It is also shown that Zao like to be, or wants to be famous.


Zao is likely to be capable of military leadership, leading his troops to attack Shuigang, and the fact that his city is full of hazardous robots.

While most likely meant as a comic relief, Zao is also able to emphasize certain sentences that he says by adding a "+5" based on what he says, then displays it in flashing letters over his head. This is shown in the following scenes:

Freedom Planet

Phrase Description
Zao 5% Glory.gif
Outside Zao's Shopping Paradise, when Zao congratulates Team Lilac gloriously after learning that they were the ones that destroyed the Robopanther.
Zao 5% Off!.gif
Outside Zao's Shopping Paradise, when Zao offers the Team Lilac a coupon for said mall, as a reward for destroying the Robopanther.
Zao 5 Sarcasm.gif
In Shang Mu City Hall, when Zao sarcastically tells the Team Lilac that forming an alliance with Shang Tu is a "lovely idea".
Zao 5 Height.gif
At the Snowfields, after Milla digs up a rock for Zao to stand on, so he and Gong could see and talk face-to-face.

Freedom Planet 2

Phrase Description
"+5 CHARISMA": In the Battlesphere, when Igor announces his public appearance in front of a live audience.


  • Mayor Zao's hat has the simplified Chinese character '长' (zhǎng) on it, meaning 'chief' or 'head'.
  • A Mayor Zao Coin is available to those who order the Collector's Edition of Freedom Planet. The front side has an image of Zao, while the back side has +5 mark.