Warp Sector is one of the scrapped schmup stages of Freedom Planet. As a follow up to Horizon Starport, Torque would've piloted a starship through space in pursuit of the Dreadnought. Like the previous stage, it appears incomplete near the end, and is only a certain amount playable. It was likely never finished due to Strife indefinitely postponing Freedom Planet's DLC and starting development on Freedom Planet 2.


Torque continues with his chase for Lord Brevon, who at this point, decides to offer up some...resistence.

Once the distance meter has been reached, the mid-boss fight would have ensued.

Torque deals with a few more Machines in his path afterwards. However, after catching up with the Dreadnought, it appears too late for Torque, as both him and Brevon approach the nearby planet of Avalice. Once they both reach and enter the planet's atmosphere, the events of their arrivals on Avalice soon follow.


See also: Main Enemy List

  • Bladeworm
  • Sweeper
  • Daggervessel



  • It is possible that like the previous stage, this one is incomplete, as the game is said to crash near the end. Therefore, it is currently unknown if this stage has a Main Boss or how the stage is completed.


FREEDOM PLANET! Torque - Warp Sector

FREEDOM PLANET! Torque - Warp Sector

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