I discovered Freedom Planet in a top ten video about video games where you can play as dragons. I thought that the game was going to be boring and until September, I never wanted to try the game at all. But then I read about Freedom Planet on Wikipedia and decided to see the trailer. After seeing the trailer, I immediately wanted to play the game. So I got it and then I immediately became addicted.

Its a very hard game. But how did I beat it on hard mode? I didn't rage quit on the hard boss battles or give up or anything. I just simply stayed calm and kept on trying to save Avalice. Even though I got a good old ten game overs on the last phase of the final boss, I just kept on trying. I'm one of the few people out there who can manage difficulty in video games well. My favourite character in the Freedom Planet series is Merga, but just in cause that doesn't count, I really like Sash Lilac. I'm a bit scared about Freedom Planet 2 because I don't think its going to be as good as the first game, but I bet that the final boss is going to be epic however and its still going to be good.....hopefully.

Tell me your thoughts about Freedom Planet and its gameplay. For me, its really epic. Its just a shame that hardly anybody knows about Freedom Planet.

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