aka Zach Morgan

  • I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • I was born on September 10
  • My occupation is Freelance Artist
  • I am Male

Hi, my name's Wacky. I'm a digital and sprite artist, and currently going for a Bachelors in Graphic Design. I love Freedom Planet with a passion(as well as many other games), I love Lilac with a passion, and I'm just a nice and funny guy to get to know.

My favorite characters

  • Lilac: I love her gameplay and personality(and I admittedly have a crush on her...plz don't judge)
  • Carol: Spunky and tomboyish, I expect nothing less.
  • Milla: Such a cute pupper!
  • Torque: The Mega Man X of Freedom Planet!

My favorite stages

  • Dragon Valley(FP/FP2): Love both variants with their music and beautiful atmosphere.
  • Sky Battalion: Love the music and the branching paths that can make each playthrough different.
  • Final Dreadnought 3: Love the music and the heartbreaking, but emotional boss at the end
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