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Hey yo, I'm Spooks, I like Freedom Planet more than I should and write lots of fanfiction about it. I also do sprite edits and memes.

Carol is best cat and Carolac is best ship

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FreedomSwap Remix

Carol the Wildcat is out living her perfectly acceptable not-at-all criminal life when the wing of a spacecraft falls out of the sky and crushes her motorbike. Now, alongside her dragon best friend, a dog from space, and an alchemist turtle-duck, Carol will beat up an evil snake and get revenge for her bike! And maybe save the world while she's at it.

Ongoing, 3 Chapters | Adventure, Humor | Rated G | Characters: Carol, Lilac, Milla, Torque, Serpentine

Kingdom Come

It had been two months since Avalice was invaded. Two months since three kingdoms were ripped apart and cast to the brink of war. Two months since the Kingdom Stone transformed and bathed all the planet with its light. But for two, the most important thing that happened two months ago was the death of Shuigang's King.

Oneshot, 3,263 words | Hurt/Comfort | Rated G | Characters: Dail, Spade | Prize Work

Last Beginnings

He just can't get her out of his head. The girl who keeps standing in his way, who ruined his life, who ran away and took his best friend with her. What is this feeling he has for her? And why can't it just stop?

Oneshot, 5,986 words | Drama, Romance (Lilade) | Rated T | Characters: Spade, Lilac | Commission Work

Memories of a Freedom Lost

While cleaning up the remains of a certain invasion, Lilac is horribly injured. When she wakes up, she isn't the same. Will she ever be who she once was? Moreover, will she ever even remember who she once was?

Ongoing, 6 chapters | Drama, Hurt/Comfort | Rated G | Characters: Lilac, Carol, Milla

Next Time Say Goodbye

Lilac, years into her adulthood, works as a police officer for Shang Tu. While content, she can't help but wish for some excitement in her life. Spade becoming her partner wasn't the excitement she was looking for. Neither was investigating the murder of somebody close to her.

Ongoing, 3 chapters | Drama, Mystery | Rated T | Characters: Lilac, Spade, Neera, Carol, Milla