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Favorite Characters

  • Sash Lilac: She's fast, heroic and loyal to her friends.
  • Carol Tea: She's got a Motorcycle and a sense of curiosity.
  • Milla Basset: She's adorable, she has Alchemy Powers and you can't say NO to those puppy dog eyes.
  • Lord Brevon: He's a Villain i'd love to hate and hate to love, he may be more dangerous than Bowser and Dr. Eggman combined.

Favorite Stages

  • Dragon Valley: A 1st Stage with an upbeat theme is perfect for the start of a new adventure.
  • Sky Battalion: Nothing's more epic than a battle in the skies!
  • Pangu Lagoon: 2 things I like about this Stage:
    • #1. The Stage's theme had lyrics, as if it symbolizes Lilac's Role in the Series.
    • #2. The Holodragon, I do love a good Dragon fight.
  • Final Dreadnought: A 4-part Stage is a perfect setting for the Game's climax, especially since it reminds me of the Final Stages in the Classic Mega Man Games, but without the Boss Rush Rooms.

Favorite Moments

  • Milla & Mr. Stumpy: Seeing Milla play with a tree stump goes to show that she has an active imagination. It also shows that she may have living alone in the woods longer she realizes.
  • Zao's "+5" Moments: I wonder if the other characters can see the flashing letters that appear over Zao's head.
  • Milla Touching Lilac's Hair: Even Lilac couldn't say no to Milla's request of touching her "ropey" hair, and it's even funnier when Carol looked away disgusted (possible 4th wall break).
  • Lilac's Inner Dragon: After seeing what Brevon did to Milla, I knew things got personal for Lilac, and nothing's more dangerous than an angry Dragon.

Things I'd Like To Know About

  • Lilac's Mixed Heritage: I know that Lilac is half Water Dragon, but I'd like to know what the other half is.
  • Milla's Backstory: I think the biggest mystery about MIlla is her past and the whereabouts of her Parents. If there alive, I wonder where they are, but if they're dead, what happened to them.
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