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I love adventuring and exploration. I enjoy High-Speed action. I grew up playing the Classic Sonic Trilogy.

Avalice Archives...The Planet of Freedom!!!


As of today [October 2, 2019] I have officially been promoted to Head Admin of Avalice Archives! We will continue to strive for a Freedom Planet!!!

Our new secretary and assistant manager! Say hi and be friends!

My Favorite Pages

  1. Pangu Lagoon: It is a relaxing location, especially with the music.
  2. Lilac: Because she is an awesome main character!
  3. Milla: What else can I say? She is so adorable!
  4. Trap Hideout. Love how Lilac can play this stage! That makes it more fun!

Top 3 Levels

  1. Fortune Night: This is such a well-crafted idea! Never seen a Shopping Mall level until now.
  2. Relic Maze: Ruins + Music = Mysterious. Definitely worth exploring!
  3. Thermal Base: Has a calm, sad tone to it...Also this Stage had both Fire and Water! Nice!
  4. Pangu Lagoon: As previously stated above, It is quite the relaxing stage!

Quote(s) to remember

If one is to understand the great mystery, one must study the great mystery.
- A wise old Emperor.
The Artifact of Truth awaits those who truly seek it.
- Metroid Prime
It's not how to defeat your enemies, it's why.
- Joan B. Lee

Other Stuff

Milla's Adventures

Personal Projects

Carolac (Character), Lilaze (for both characters, see here),