aka Roman

  • I was born on December 20
  • I am male

Hi, i'm Roman and one of the admin of the Avalice Archives.

Used to be the lone admin during the time not much of substance was actually happening to the wiki. Then dropped off from the wiki entirely during my lowest point of interest and commitment towards the subject of Freedom Planet. When Spookyrus and DarkraiShadowXZ picked it up, I started returning to the wiki, occasionally making some minor quality insurance and what not.

On an unofficial "trail period" of sorts (which is not even discussed with Spookyrus), to see if I would be more helpful than annoying, I was brought back as an admin. Now I'm slowly working on improving the design a little bit, see what works and really doesn't, and also drafting up some really needed rules for the wiki.

Pages I've started but would like to expand on

  • Avalice Archives:Writing style: Was brought over from older versions of the wiki and is based on the Style of Manual of the Avatar Wiki. Needs some rewriting and adjustments. It's there to make clear how the articles are meant to be written.
  • Avalice Archives:Resources: Whenever I open up some of my older collections of links and everything, I have to make sure to add them here. Everyone should be able to gather the same information.
  • Avalice Archives:Sources and Credibility: Another page that needs to be completed. It won't please everyone but it will show that we want to commit to more verifiable information on the articles. Though, due to the nature of how information is shared across the web, we will have to allow various sources but only with the right formatting.
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