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  • I live in Strangereal
  • My occupation is Wiki Editor
  • I am Male

A filthy wannabe intent on homicide and trouble. Likes Fan Fiction and Fan Art. Not really a people person. My existence is the bane of my existence.

The character in my avatar is Philhipé from uRealms. He is a kobold and you should give him some respect because he fixed an arrow wound with a dead snake. Oh, and he's got an eyepatch.

I just love badges. I want all the badges. I feel accomplished when I get more points, so I edit the wiki for that sole purpose. No I don't just want badges, editing just makes me feel like i'm smart.

27 January 2017 - I got Freedom Planet! So now I can make slightly higher quality pictures for the wiki and do some intense testing by myself. Hooray for me!


  • Spiral Knights - Blazecat-Percival
  • DeviantArt - Darkred86
  • Twitch - Darkred_SK
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