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Trigger Joy is the End-Boss of Shenlin Park in Freedom Planet 2.


Trigger Joy is a large, bird-like robot with a color scheme of red, black and yellow. It has a sharp beak, long legs, short (if no) wings and is armed with a large machine gun mounted on its back.


Trigger Joy can be seen before the start of the Boss Fight, flying in the background and attacking the Player with it's Machine Gun. During the Boss Fight, it walks back and forth while facing in one direction, alternating between each attack as it does. Sometimes, Trigger Joy flies away and lands to face the opposite direction it was in to continue attacking. While it's beak is invulnerable to attack, it's Machine Gun is it's weak point. Once it's destroyed, Trigger Joy will explode, allowing the Player to collect the Star Card and complete the Stage.


  • Machine Gun: Trigger Joy's main weapon and weak point; it fires a barrage of bullets in front of it.
  • Beak Missiles: Trigger Joy ducks it's head in between it's legs to look behind and shoots missiles from it's beak. The missiles resemble Trigger Joy's head.
  • Egg Bombs: Trigger Joy can launch egg-shaped bombs from behind in the same way birds lay eggs.

Battlesphere Rematch

Trigger Joy can be fought again in The Battlesphere in the following matches:

Image Details
Boss Battles

Fight Trigger Joy in the same way as in Shenlin Park.

Birds of Prey.jpg
Birds of Prey

Fight Trigger Joy and Lancer at the same time.