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Treasure Chests are special containers that appear within the Freedom Planet Series.

Freedom Planet

Each Treasure Chest contains 3 Keystones, whose Element is depended on the color of the crest on the chest, which changes very fast. The Treasure Chests can also be picked up and thrown by Milla.

Crest Colors

Keystone Water.png
Blue Crest = Water Keystone
Keystone Wood.png
Green Crest = Wood Keystone
Keystone Fire.png
Red Crest = Fire Keystone
Keystone Earth.png
Yellow Crest = Earth Keystone
Keystone Metal.png
Gray Crest = Metal Keystone

Freedom Planet 2

The Treasure Chests are now bigger in size and contains more useful items. The Playable Characters even monologue in response of obtaining an Inventory Item or a Music Vinyl from the Chest. As of an Update, opening a Treasure Chest now requires pushing the up button, instead of just attacking it in order to open it.

Chest Contents

Item Name
Time Limit.png
Brave Stones
FP2Crystal Shard.gif
Crystal Shards
Gold Gem.gif
Gold Gems
FP2Life Petal.gif
Life Petals
Music Vinyl.gif
Music Vinyls
Robot Core.gif
Robot Cores
Time Capsules

Chest Variants

In Freedom Planet 2, there will be different variants of Treasure Chests that will appear in certain Stages.

Chest Variant Description
Wooden Chest
Shang Mu Chest