Jade Creek Outskirts: Alcove

Lilac, Carol & Milla are taking shelter from the rain in an alcove, hiding from the authorites and wondering what do next.

Carol: Maybe we're not cut out for this... we should go home.

Lilac: So that's it? We just leave and let Torque die?

Carol: What are we supposed to do? I like Torque, but... This is so much bigger than us. We're just kids.

Lilac: That doesn't mean anything.

Carol: Doesn't mean anything?! Look what they did to me! To us! Sometimes I feel like you're trying to get us killed!

Lilac: How can you say that? I put myself on the front lines so you don't have to!

Milla starts crying to herself in a corner of the alcove as Lilac and Carol continue to argue.

Carol: Yeah, and I always have to bail you out!

Lilac: What's the problem with that? We're helping each other do the right thing!

Carol: But I don't want to do the right thing! I just wanna spend time with my friend!

Lilac is phased by Carol's words.

Carol: If the only way I can do that is by risking my life... maybe we shouldn't be friends anymore.

Lilac: Carol...

Carol: DON'T... Just don't. I'm done.

Carol runs off, leaving Lilac to console the crying Milla by herself.

Lilac; It's okay.

Milla stop crying as Lilac stands up, having decided what she should do next.

Lilac: I'm going after him. Alone.

Milla: Let me come with you!

Lilac: No. Carol's right. Friends shouldn't let each other get hurt. You should stay behind with her.

Lilac runs off alone until she notices Milla following her.

Lilac: Milla, stay here.

Milla: I won't leave you...

Lilac: STAY!

Lilac Dragon Boosts away, leaving Milla behind.

Milla: Lilac!

Milla runs over to Carol, who is sitting by herself in the rain.

Milla: She's gone!

Carol: She actually went through it. Big surprise.

Milla: Are you mad at her?

Carol: I'll get over it, I guess. But we're gonna do things my way now.

Shang Tu: Storm Drainage Tunnel

Carol and Milla enters the sewers from above.

Milla: What is this place?

Carol: The Red Scarves are down here. They've still got all my ninja stuff.

Milla: You were a ninja?

Carol: Eh, not really. I mean, It's a long story, so, i'll tell you someday if you're good.

Carol: C'mon, let's show Ms. Heropants how it's done.

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