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This section contains information about content that is currently in development.

Time Capsules are collectable Items set to appear in Freedom Planet 2. They are Audio Logs containing recorded messages that tell of past event. These Capsules can be played by Pangu at the Royal Palace of Shang Tu after she is rescued from the Crew of the Sigwada during the Museum Arc.


There are a total of 15 Time Capsules; 2 are available from the start, while the other 13 are scattered and hidden through Avalice.

Dragon Scientist
01: The Kingdom Stone
Dragon Scientist Speak.gif
"This is our final message... a message that we leave for the future. Although we will respect the wishes of your people and allow our influence to pass into legend, there will come a time in your history when you must learn the truth."
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"When we were stranded here, we sought desperately to return to our world. We wasted countless years trying to find a way home, but we are no closer to an answer than when we began. We decided that helping your civilization survive and prosper was a much more efficient use of our technology."
Kingdom Stone (Ingame).gif
"We have condensed our energy reserves into a physical relic of extraordinary power. With proper care, you may one day use to travel to the stars, to find the answers that we alone could never find."
Dragon Scientist Speak.gif
"If you wish to learn more, you'll have to access our internal database. I pray it is still intact by the time you receive this message."
Dragon Scientist Speak Kneel.gif
"May the winds of time carry you for eternity."
The Royal Magister
15: Lord Brevon

Three years have past since the invasion that almost destroyed our world of Avalice. Brevon, the intergalactic warlord, had planned to steal the Kingdom Stone, source of energy for all our world's technology. With the help of Lilac, the water dragon warrior, and her friends, we drove back the alien attackers... but the scars of war remain. The Kingdom Stone has been shattered, its fragment scattered into the very air around us. Remnants of the alien attack force haunt us still, striking us at our most vulnerable, leaving us in a perpetual state of turmoil. The world of Avalive needs hope, but more than that, it needs heroes.


There are a total of 5 items rewarded for collecting Time Capsules.

Logs Rewards
1 Log
3 Logs
6 Logs
9 Logs
13 Logs