• Is there a source by chance for where you're finding the vinyl names? I know I already asked this on said page, but I just want to make sure since I haven't seen anything about the names for these vinyls/stages.

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    • It was during the Freedom Planet 2 demonstration in the GalaxyTrail Mix video. Strife had found 2 Vinyls in the 2 Stages he Played: one for Dragon Valley and one for Shenlin Park. So, it would stand to reason that there should be a Vinyl for every Stage. As for the Stage Names, i'm not so sure. I saw the names listed and hidden in a "HideSpoiler" on the Freedom Panet 2 page on this Wiki yesterday, but I think we're removed. Whenever I see new information on the wiki, I just roll with it; though I shouldn't jump to conclusions. We'll just wait and see until there's more info.

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