• Cool! You created a User Profile Page! Way to get into the Avalice spirit! I might be able to help you out with some of your questions as best as I can (To pass the time and make you feel better, if that helps). As for certain sprites, just give me time, thank you.


         #1: Carol and Cory...we know they are both super furry.
         #2: Milla's Parents... ...hmm, I got nothing. Hope they are not, you know, gone. (For Milla's sake and happiness, right?)
         #3: Lilac's heritage...yes. I love Dragons, and I totally agree on their history expansion. Their [past] story of grandeur is likely inevitable!

    Alrighty then, Happy rest of the year! Cheers to 2020!!

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    • Oops, I'm sorry, forgot to add my theory about Milla's parents! I believe Spade might know... because the girls mentioned he crossed 'certain lines'. None of them would likely have known Milla's parents (or even Milla for that matter) at the time, and I remember Lilac on Zao's airship having a worry face, though that was probably related to something else. I love a good mystery!

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    • My thoughts exactly, maybe Lilac does know the truth about Milla's Parents, but doesn't have the heart to tell her. But this is just a thought.

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