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This section contains information about content that is currently in development.
Battlesphere Icon.png Overview Transcript
Do you hate Mondays like we do? Then come on down to the Battlesphere for Mayhem Monday! Face down the awesome power of our Battlebot Brigade... and don't forget our knuckle busting battle Royale... where fighters from all over the globe duke it out for a chance to win the grand prize! Are YOU a bad enough dude to survive... The Battlesphere?!
- Igor, in a Battlesphere TV ad

The Battlesphere is a Hub Area in Freedom Planet 2, being part 3 of the Battlesphere Arc. Located in downtown Shang Mu, and hosted by Igor, the "Hunk Behind The Mic", this arena is where fighters, athletes, racers and heroes from all over Avalice come to put their skills to the test in a variety of challenges on live TV and in front of thousands of spectators. The current reigning champion of the Battlesphere is the Beaked Marauder, Captain Kalaw.

Story Overview

Lilac, Milla & Lady Neera have finally reached the Battlesphere in Shang Mu, and it didn't take them long to catch up with Carol, giving her a brief scolding for running off alone without her team. Afterwards, they all enter the Arena together, to take on it's many Challenges to win the GRAND PRIZE, and to persuade Captain Kalaw to aid them in their fight to defend Shang Tu from the increasing robot attacks.

Battlesphere Challenges

The Battlesphere Challenges are Mini-Games that can be played at the Battlesphere, where the Player can earn extra Crystal Shards. In order to unlock these Challenges, the Player must collect Star Cards and trade them at the Battlesphere. Certain Challenges may require a number of Star Cards to be unlocked. The Player can also equip Items before taking on these Challenges.

There are 4 types of Battlesphere Challenges:

Arena Battle

Fight your way through Obstacle Courses and Waves of Enemy Robots!

Beginner's Gauntlet

Rush through Obstacle Courses filled with Blades, Spikes and other dangerous Hazards!

Battlebot Battle Royale

It's Skin VS Metal in an All-Out Brawl! Team up with Allies and take them down!

Hero Battle Royale

It's a 4-Way Brawl between Heroes! Prove you're the Strongest!

Fighter Name Type Petals
Sash Lilac Speed 5 (?)
Carol Tea Brawler 5
Milla Basset Explorer 5
Neera Li Power 6
Kalaw's Challenge

Captain Kalaw has a Special Challenge! So be prepared for anything!

Boss Challenge
Home Run Challenge
Race Challenge

Reach the goal line before Captain Kalaw to win this challenge! Good Luck!

Army of One

Survive the Battlebot Battle Royale without Allies!

Ring-Out Challenge

Run from a Collapsing Floor to reach the Goal while dodging Bumpers!

Flip Fire Gauntlet

Hop through flipping and Fiery Platforms!

Birds of Prey.jpg
Birds of Prey

Take on Trigger Joy and Lancer at the same time! NOT for Beginners!

Boss Battle

Fight one-on-one with Bosses you've encountered before!

Boss Details
Acrabelle Icon.png
  • Name: Acrabelle
  • Petals: 4
  • First Encountered
    • The Battlesphere (Exclusive)
Trigger Joy vs. Lilac.png
Phoenix Highway Boss.png
Zao Land Bossball.png
  • Name: Bossball (?)
  • Petals: 3
  • First Encountered

Home Run

Destroy as many Crates as you can before touching the Ground!

Home Run Details
Home Run A
Home Run B
Home Run C


Compete in 3-Lap Races around a Looping Track!

Race Track Details

Battlesphere Lobby

The Battlesphere's Lobby serve as a HUB Area in the Game's Adventure Mode, and is home to a variety of Shops and NPCs that the Player can interact with.


NPC Details
  • Name: Balthazar
  • Race: Cat
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation
    • Shopkeeper (Brave Stones)
  • Name: Ben
  • Race: Bat
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation
    • Doesn't feel important
  • Name: Biggs
  • Race: Bear (Black Bear)
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation
  • Name: Blake
  • Race: Goat
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation
    • Shopkeeper (Brave Stones)
  • Name: Claire
  • Race: Bat
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation
    • Doesn't like 'Blind as a Bat' Jokes
  • Name: Jeffrey
  • Race: Panda
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation
    • Self-Proclaimed Hero
  • Name: Kevin
  • Race: Red Panda
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation
    • Kalaw Fan
  • Name: Kiki
  • Race: Cat
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation
    • Salon Owner
  • Name: Lindsay
  • Race: Cat (Cheetah)
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation
    • Gamer
FP2 MariaNotte.png
  • Name: Maria Notte
  • Race: Bat
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation
    • News Anchor
  • Name: Ming
  • Race: Red Panda
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation
    • Knows Lady Neera
  • Name: Rebecca
  • Race: Panda
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation
    • Restaurant Owner
Root Beer.png
  • Name: West
  • Race: Red Panda
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation
    • Battlesphere Mechanic
    • Gold Gem Exchange
  • Name: Ying
  • Race: Red Panda
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation
    • Doesn't like Snakes

Blake & Balthazar's Bazaar

Battlesphere Bazaar.png

A Shop run by Blake & Balthazar, who sells Brave Stones.

Item Details
One Hit KO.png
One Hit KO

You always have an empty life meter.

Price: 1 Gold Gem

Life Oscillation

Every 30 seconds, your life meter alternates between fully restored and completely drained.

Price: 1 Gold Gem

Items To Bombs.png
Items to Bombs

All item containers are transformed into bombs.

Price: 1 Gold Gem

Vinyl Venue

A Music Ship run by Naomi, who sells Music Vinyls.

Battlesphere Vinyl Shop.png
Vinyl Details
Music Vinyl.gif
Boss - Phoenix Highway

Price: 1 Gold Gem

Music Vinyl.gif
Boss - Zao Land

Price: 1 Gold Gem

Music Vinyl.gif
Boss - Arena

Price: 1 Gold Gem

Music Vinyl.gif
Battlesphere Commercial

Price: 1 Gold Gem

Other Shops

Here are the confirmed Lobby Shops so far:

Image Details
Battlesphere Arcade (Long Image).png
D-Pad Arcade

An Arcade filled with various Arcade Games, including similar games found in Zao Land.

Battlesphere Cafe 64 (Long Image).png
Cafe 64

A Cafe; details currently vague.

Battlesphere Beauty Salon.png
Kiki's Salon

A Hair Salon run by Kiki; Customers can receive stylish Haircuts.

lcentre Pit Stop

An Indoor Garage run by West; where damaged BattleBots are brought and repaired.

Battlesphere Silver Lotus (Long Image).png
Silver Lotus Express

A Chain Restaurant run by Rebecca; popular with nocturnal Customers such as Bats due to it's soft lighting and nighttime discounts.