Say no more! Team Lilac's got your back!
- Carol introducing Team Lilac to Torque.

Team Lilac is a small team of heroes consisting of the titular Sash Lilac, Carol Tea & Milla Basset. The Team was first formed during the events of Freedom Planet.


Founding Members

These are the Main Members of Team Lilac:

Picture Name Species Team Roles
FP2LilacIdle Lilac the Dragon Girl Half-Water Dragon
  • Leader
  • Speedrunner
CarolIdle Carol the Wildcat Wildcat
  • Ninja
  • Brawler
MillaIdle Milla the Hound Hush Basset
  • Alchemist
  • Explorer

Other Members

These are the Honorary/Temporary Members of Team Lilac:

Picture Name Species Team Roles
Torque Stage Intro Commander Torque
(Freedom Planet)
  • Pilot
  • Technologist
Fp2-neerasprite Neera the Frost Knight
(Freedom Planet 2)
  • Sensei
  • Powerhouse


Picture Name Location Residents
Lilac's Treehouse Dragon Valley
  • Sash Lilac
  • Carol Tea
  • Milla Basset (formerly)
Milla's Lab Lilac and Carol
Milla's Laboratory Dragon Valley
  • Milla Basset (currently)


Freedom Planet

Team Lilac was formed when Lilac, Carol and Milla offered to help Torque on his mission to stop Lord Brevon from stealing the Kingdom Stone and sparking a civil war between the Three Kingdoms. Carol quickly came up with the Team name, though Lilac looked at her as she didn't seem to be on board with the name, leading Carol to state that they would talk about later. Together, they set out to save Avalice from Brevon, proving to be a strong, formidable Team, conquering such foes as Serpentine, the Sky Battalion and even the brainwashed Prince Dail.

Freedom Planet 2

In the 2 years since the events of the first game, the members of Team Lilac found themselves under Neera Li's tutelage, training to improve their abilities and perform mission on behalf of the Royal Magister, going from coincidental "World Savers" and becoming "Full Time Heroes".

Lilac has grown more preserved throughout every battle fought, but she still has a big heart and will always help her friends and others in need. Carol has improved near ninja skills with the addition of her new Jump Disc, but she is still an impetuous tomboy. Milla has grown more independent and developed a strong interest in Chemistry, brewing up Potions for her friends in her own Chemistry Lab while also learning martial arts and enhancing her Alchemy Powers during training.

Soon, as Bakunawa rises, the friendships and loyalties of Team Lilac will be put to the test and pushed to the brink, as Merga reveals dark secrets of the past that threatens to tear them apart.


  • Team Lilac fits the team format of Sonic Heroes, with Lilac being the speed type, Carol being power, and Milla being flight. This was likely a deliberate choice by Ziyo Ling, given that she has made art of Team Lilac which includes the Sonic Heroes logo.[1]



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