Tao Stones are coin-like stones with the Tao Symbols embedded on them.

Freedom Planet

Tao Stones serve as Bonus Tokens, and are hidden in almost every Stage. In Adventure and Classic Modes, if the Player finds a Tao Stone before completing a Stage, they'll be able to visit the Bonus Stage afterwards.

Location Hints

This is a list of hints to the locations of every Tao Stone in Freedom Planet.

NOTE: For those who haven't played Freedom Planet yet, this page contains SPOILERS, so if you can't find the Tao Stones but want to find them on your own, then don't look at this page.

Location Hints
Aqua Tunnel
At the start of the last area, hidden behind a fake wall.
Dragon Valley
In the 2nd half of the Stage, in the 2nd underwater area, past a few Star Flounders.
Relic Maze
This Stage has 2 Tao Stones, but only 1 can be found:
  • 1st Tao Stone
    • In the 1st half of the Stage, at the bottom of the Eye Golem room, behind a fake wall.
  • 2nd Tao Stone
    • In the 2nd half of the Stage, past a shifting staircase, breakable wall and a Fire Spitter.
Fortune Night
Near the start of Zao's Shopping Paradise, at the bottom and through a pipe.
Sky Battalion
On the Metal Airship, next to a row of Bombs and under a Push Block.
Jade Creek
In the area with the large bubbles, at the top of high wall next to a dandelion. Recommend using Lilac's Dragon Boost, Carol's Wall Kick or Milla's Puppy Float.
Trap Hideout
Past the Crystal Basher and on a floating platform above a group of Biker Ninjas. Use the Jump Pads as Carol or Puppy Float as Milla.
Thermal Base
Right before the Boss Fight with Squid Syntax, above a dirt spot that Milla can dig into to get a Water Shield.
Pangu Lagoon
Near the Shield Crystal area, up a vine an above a Treasure Chest.
Battle Glacier
In the area below the Wretchnid and to the left.
Final Dreadnought
Only the 1st & 2nd Rounds have Tao Stones:
  • Round 1
    • Right before the enemy ambush (Mind the Gap).
  • Round 2
    • In the 2nd area, near the top of the 2nd elevator and to the far left.

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Freedom Planet 2

Tao Stones makes cameo appearance in Freedom Planet 2, in a new element called "Speed Gates", which are rainbow colored rings (similar to the Time Gates seen in Pangu Lagoon). Passing through one one of these rings will start a timer where the Player can get Bonus Crystal Shards by leaving as many Tao marks on the trail as possible. When the Bonus Timer runs out, all of the Tao Marks on the trail will transform into Crystal Shards. The longer the trail is, the more Bonus Crystal Shards the Player will earn.


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