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Starter Guide: Freedom Planet

Here's a helpful page for anyone who is new to the game and needs help with controls, basic moves, or advanced approaches.

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Basic Controls

Button Action PC (Windows, Linux, OS X) Wii U
Up/Down/Left/Right Move Up/Down/Left/Right Arrows
A Jump Z
B Normal Attack X
C Special Attack C
Start Pause/Resume Enter/Return Start

The default buttons/keys for each command can be rebound to something else as desired.


Health is shown in the top left corner of the screen, below the energy meter. Lilac and Carol have a maximum of 7 Health Petals, while Milla and Torque have 4. The petals equate to 2 health, showing up as normal size, then small. When the player's health is depleted, the yellow energy meter will start to flash red, indicating that the player is down to one hit, if the player takes one more attack, they'll lose a Life and restart at the last checkpoint.

Health is replenished by collecting red health petals found throughout levels, also found in bunches of 6 from Health Flowers. The character's Health can slowly regenerate if playing on Casual or Easy Difficulties, but not on Normal or Hard.


Crystal Shards are found all over Avalice, dropped from enemies, inside Crystal Clusters and are found floating about randomly. The player as well as some enemies can pick these shards up. Enemies that pick up shards and health petals can be defeated to make them drop the shards.

Obtaining 200 Crystal Shards will yield an extra life. On Hard difficulty however, it takes 300 Crystal Shards to gain a life.

If 6000-7000+ shards are collected in a full game of Adventure or Classic Mode, the player is awarded the Gem Hoarder achievement.

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