Sparky is one of the Mini-Bosses of Battle Glacier, alongside the Wretchnid.


Sparky is a large mutated Iris with a dark brown body, a single orange eye and a long tail. It is also armed with a pair of blasters mounted on the side of it's head. When being controlled by Milla, Sparky's color scheme slightly altered with bright green and an eye similar to Milla's.


Sparky hovers in the air while moving from left and right, shooting it's blasters at the ground at every move. At a certain point, it will rotate it's blasters upwards towards the ceiling and fires above, leaving it slightly vulnerable. Afterwards, it will rotate downwards and angrily moves quckly while rapidly firing at a Stunlocking rate. The shots can be blocked by Milla's Shield and Phantom Cubes.

There is a hover booster that can be used to access a rail above Sparky that can be used to attack it. Once Sparky is defeated. the barriers it was protecting will transforms into Crystal Shards, allowing the Player to proceed further and to obtain a nearby Star Card.

Milla's Story

In Milla's Story, the Player can find and ride an inactive Sparky in the 5th area of Battle Glacier until they transcends to the 6th area, where the Boss Fight against Dail and the Shade Beast takes place. Milla can take control of Sparky simply by jumping on top of it,able to use it's guns to shoot Enemies above and below.

Warning: Shooting upwards while moving left or right on Sparky will hurt Milla.



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