The following page is a collection of quotes said by Spade.

Freedom Planet


"Smart Move!"
— on Character Select.


"So? I need it to find my father's killer. Not like a couple of traitors like yourselves would care."
— when confronted by Lilac and Carol in Relic Maze while attempting to steal the Kingdom Stone.
"And you've left me no choice!"
— in response to Lilac before attacking her and Carol in Relic Maze.
"You just had to follow me here, didn't you?"
— encountering Team Lilac in Shang Mu before Fortune Night.
"I've already finished the job. It's time for my brother to play his hand."
— pre-Fortune Night.
"I hate to disappoint you, but I'm just passing through. Have fun saving the world."
— to Lilac at the end of Battle Glacier.
"You still don't."
— to Lilac at the end of Battle Glacier before dashing off screen.


Note that the following lines are outtakes by the voice actor and are considered non-canon.

"Prince Dail of S... Prince d (sigh) It's just hard to be cool and suave while being informative at the same time. God damn my coolness."
— pre-Fortune Night. "Damn" is censored by a bleep.
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