The following Page is a Collection of Quotes said by Spade.

Freedom Planet

There are 45 pieces of audio recordings for Spade within Freedom Planet.


Dialogue Voice Clip
"Smart Move!"

- On Character Select

Spade Voice Clip smartmove
"Come on!"

- During his fight with Lilac in Sky Battalion

Spade Voice Clip comeon
"Come on!"

- Alternate Come on.

Spade Voice Clip comeon2

Why... won't... it... move?!"

-Pushing an immovable object.

Spade Voice Clip whywontmove
Spade Voice Clip attack0
Spade Voice Clip attack1
-Taking damage
Spade Voice Clip hurt0
Spade Voice Clip hurt1
Spade Voice Clip hurt2
Spade Voice Clip hurt3

- Being defeated

Spade Voice Clip die

Continue from Game Over

Dialogue Voice Clip
"Huh, good enough foe me."
Spade Voice Clip goodenough
"It's not over yet!"
Spade Voice Clip notoveryet
"Move it!"
Spade Voice Clip moveit


Dialogue Voice Clip
"So? I need it to find my father's killer. Not like a couple of traitors like yourselves would care."

- Confronted by Lilac & Carol in Relic Maze while stealing the Kingdom Stone

Spade Voice Clip 01 01
"And you've left me no choice!"

- In response to Lilac before attacking her and Carol in Relic Maze

Spade Voice Clip 01 02
Huh...Still training I see.

- After Lilac & Carol deflect his card attacks.

Spade Voice Clip 01 03
"I'd love to stay and dance, but Mayor Zao's got a tight schedule."

- Remarking back at Lilac at Carol in Relic Maze.

Spade Voice Clip 01 04
"Besides, if something else is guarding this thing, I'd hate to be around when it wakes up."

- Right before escaping with the Kingdom Stone.

Spade Voice Clip 01 05
- Laughing at Lilac believing he won't get away with the Kingdom Stone
Spade Voice Clip 01 06
"We'll see about that."

- Remarking to Lilac that he can get away

Spade Voice Clip 01 07
"You just had to follow me here, didn't you?"

- Pre-Fortune Night, encountering Team Lilac in Shang Mu

Spade Voice Clip 02 01
"You seemed pretty determined to get that stone back."

- Pre-Fortune Night, responding to Team Lilac chasing after him.

Spade Voice Clip 02 02
"I've been called worse"

- Pre-Fortune Night, responding to Torque calling him a thief.

Spade Voice Clip 02 03
"I've already finished the job. It's time for my brother to play his hand."

- Pre-Fortune Night, when Lilac demanded to know where the Kingdom Stone was

Spade Voice Clip 02 04
"When he find the man who murdered our father, there will be no mercy for the kingdom responsible."

- Pre-Fortune Night, telling his and Dail's resolve to avenge their father

Spade Voice Clip 02 05
"Nice try."
- Pre-Fortune Night, refusing to believe Lilac's claims on his Father's killer
Spade Voice Clip 02 06
"What so you can throw me off again with your lies? Thanks but I've had enough of that!"

- Pre-Fortune Night, refusing to believe Team Lilac before Serpentine's ambush

Spade Voice Clip 02 07
"You just don't know when to fold, do you?"

- Confronting Lilac in Sky Battalion

Spade Voice Clip 03 01
"Thanks for the tip. Now get off our ship before I throw you overboard!"

- Threatening Lilac aboard the Fire Airship.

Spade Voice Clip 03 02
Hhhuuuhhh...oh well. Don't say I didn't warn you!

- Right before the battle with Lilac.

Spade Voice Clip 03 03
"You're here to ask for help, aren't you? Couldn't handle that little quest of yours on your own?"

- Post-Trap Hideout, when approached by Carol & Milla

Spade Voice Clip 04 01
"I'm supposed to care...why?"

- Post-Trap Hideout, asking Carol why as to he should help her save Lilac & Torque.

Spade Voice Clip 04 02
"I hate to disappoint you, but i'm just passing through. have fun saving the world."

- Post-Battle Glacier, after stopping Dail from attacking Team Lilac

Spade Voice Clip 05 01
"You still don't."

- Post-Battle Glacier, responding to Lilac's apology before going after Dail

Spade Voice Clip 05 02


Dialogue Voice Clip
"Spade Power!"

- When acquiring a powerful Card Suit hand.

Spade Voice Clip spadepow
"Club Power!"

- When acquiring a powerful Card Suit hand.

Spade Voice Clip clubpow
"Diamond Power!"

- When acquiring a powerful Card Suit hand.

Spade Voice Clip diamondpow
"Heart Power!"

- When acquiring a powerful Card Suit hand.

Spade Voice Clip heartpow
"Guess it was never meant to be."
Spade Voice Clip nevermeanttobe
"You've gotta be kidding me!"
Spade Voice Clip kiddingme


Dialogue Voice Clip
*echoing* "Not like a couple of traitors like yourselves would care."

- Post-Relic Maze, Lilac's thoughts of him while she slept

Spade Voice Clip 01r01
Spade Voice Clip hmph
" Huh?"
Spade Voice Clip huh


Note that the following lines are outtakes by the Voice Actor and are considered Non-Canon to the Game's Story.

Dialogue Voice Clip
"Prince Dail of S... Prince d *sigh* It's just hard to be cool and suave while being informative at the same time. God damn my coolness."

- Pre-Fortune Night, "Damn" is censored by a bleep

Spade Voice Clip 02b05


  • Spade possess two of the exact same Voice Clip, but differently named (hurt_0, & hurt_2). The reason behind this is unclear.
    • It is possible an earlier Voice Clip was overwritten in later builds, as seen in a few Videos. [1]


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