The Soldiers, or City Guard, are the Avalicians that serve and protect the Three Kingdoms of Avalice: Shang Tu, Shang Mu, & Shuigang. They also protect the Southern Island city of Parusa.

Shang Tu Soliders

The Soldiers of Shang Tu serve under the Royal Magister and are led into battle by General Gong. Their species is unknown but its likely multiple species (such as the Bird Officer and the Sleeping Guard), but they mostly wear blue armor and wield spiked riot shields. Also, their armor appears to resembles Water Dragons, as shown by the fish fins on their helmets.

Shang Mu Solders

The Soldiers of Shang Mu serve under Mayor Zao, who also leads them into battle. They wear red armor with a light blue visor and wield a blaster and a dagger. They appear to resemble a certain breed of dogs.

Shuigang Solders

The Soldiers of Shuigang served under the King of Shuigang (before his death) and then his son, Dail. Their armor and weapons are the same as the Shang Mu soldiers, but colored green. They appear to resemble dogs, but sometimes they can be pandas (such as Neera Li, who fled to Shang Tu after the King's death and Dail's corruption).

Parusa Soldiers



  • In Freedom Planet 2, the Soldiers of the Three Kingdoms will no longer be a Pallete swap. Each Kingdom (and Parusa) will sport a unique style to match their home region. The Soldiers will also be various different species, instead of just one.
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