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It is my duty to protect my father's kingdom.
- Dail's resolve as the Prince of Shuigang

Shuigang Palace is the capital building of Shuigang and is home to the crown Prince Dail and his late father, who was murdered by Lord Brevon during the opening of Freedom Planet. It also serves as a HUB Area in Freedom Planet 2.

Story Overview

Freedom Planet

The Fall of Shuigang

After his Dreadnought crash lands in the snowfields near Shuigang, Lord Brevon and his army laid siege on the Palace of said Kingdom, infiltrating from underneath the floors via the Absolution. Brevon and his army soon greets the King of Shuigang, who demanded to know how this attack was possible stating that their walls were impenetrable, to which the Warlord remarks that his floor wasn't. The King soon brandish his axe before striking down on some of Brevon's troops, only to be immediately overwhelmed. Brevon assures the King not to act hostile and instead be proud as his son was moments from inheriting the throne. The King is horrified as he sees his son held captive, with the latter expressing forgiveness for trying (and failing) to stop the assault. The King demands what Brevon wants from them, to which Brevon replies that he was gifting his son with his knowledge, stating that it will make him the strongest ruler his world would know and that he would only answer to him before beheading the King. Traumatized by his father's death before him, Dail angrily charges after Brevon only to be swiftly caught by the neck as Brevon orders to prepare the snatcher. As the Shade Elites go to seize control of the Palace, Syntax, Brevon's AI Assistant, hovers in to brainwash Dail.

Sparking a Civil War

Having gained control of the Palace, Brevon soon receives news from Syntax that the location of the Kingdom Stone had changed, prompting the Warlord to ask where. Syntax pulls up a hologram stating that it was moving to a denesly populated area to the East, which happens to the Kingdom of Shang Mu. Seeing an advantage to his plans, Brevon orders Syntax to bring Dail before him. Brevon asks Dail where his duties lie, to which the Prince replies to protect his Father's Kingdom. Brevon then asks if he would sacrifice his life for the good of him kingdom and crush those who oppose him, to which the prince agrees and that he must protect it at all costs. Brevon goes on to tell Dail that Zao, the Mayor of Shang Mu, has taken something precious that could put him Kingdom at risk. Brevon asks if he intends to let Zao keep it, with Dail all but smiling sinisterly. A conference is soon held at the Palace by Dail, who who his people that revenge is upon them as he had "confirmed" that Zao is responsible for the death of their King. He states that the Mayor's plan to steal the Kingdom Stone must be stopped and orders to deploy their Sky Battalion to attack Shang Mu and take the Kingdom Stone.

Chasers Among Us

The following night, Brevon announces to Dail, Serpentine and his troops that there were still Chasers remaining and that they are to be neutralized. Syntax displays a hologram showing Torque, the only remaining Chaser and his new allies: Team Lilac, to which Serpentine angrily vows vengeance on the Commander. As Syntax displays the Team's location, she states that invading Shang Tu would be impossible without exposing their operations. Brevon orders his troops to lure the Team to their remote base once they've left the Kingdom and to do everything it takes to bring them under their control.

A New Beginning

Following Brevon's defeat and the Kingdom Stone's transformation, the Soldiers of Shuigang work to take back their Kingdom, starting by neutralizing the remaining Shade Cores within the Palace. As for Dail, who had been freed from his brainwashed state by his Brother Spade, would go on to inherit the Throne the and become Shuigang's New King, albeit scarred by the actions Brevon made him inflict onto the other Kingdoms.

Freedom Planet 2

-The Shuigang Arc-

Not much is currently known about the Shuigang's role in the Sequel. However, it is confirmed that Team Lilac would be called upon by King Dail, who asks for their help tracking down a thief that's been stealing large portions of the Palace's weapons and steel reserves, while receiving assistance from Sergeant Askal during their mission.


Citizen Name
King of Shuigang (Deceased)
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Points of Interest

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Throne Room
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Palace Gates