Shield Crystals are special Crystals that appear in the Freedom Planet Series. When the Player breaks open one of these Crystal, they'll receive an Elemental Shield that will protect them from damage.

Freedom Planet

There are 6 different types of Shield Crystals that can be found in every Stage and used throughout the game, each with there own Element and abilities. However, all Shields will break after taking a certain amount of hits, which is determined by the Stage Difficulty:

  • Casual Mode: 3 Hits
  • Easy Mode: 3 Hits
  • Normal Mode: 2 Hits
  • Hard Mode: 1 Hit

Shield Crystal List

Picture Details Sound Clip
Water Shield Water Crystal
Spawns a Bubble-shaped Shield
  • Provides an Infinite Air Supply while underwater
  • Protects from:
    • Bubble Attacks
Wood Shield Wood Crystal
Spawns a Blossom-covered Shield
Fire Shield Fire Crystal
Spawns a Fireball-shaped Shield
  • Damages Enemies on contact
  • Breaks instantly if it touches water
  • Protects from:
    • Fire Attacks & Hazards
Earth Shield Earth Crystal
Spawns a Crystal-shaped Shield
  • Pulls in nearby Crystal Shards
  • Protects from:
    • Crystal Attacks
Metal Shield Metal Shield
Spawns an Ironball-shaped Shield
  • Protects from:
    • Spike Floors & Walls
    • Electric Attacks & Hazards
Invincibility Invincibility Crystal
Spawns a Sparkling Shield
  • Provides 30 Seconds of Invincibility
  • Keeps an equipped Shield's effects active
  • Does NOT protect from "Crushing" or "Drowning"

Freedom Planet 2

In Freedom Planet 2, the Shield Crystals now release Guardian Orbs, small elemental orbs with animal traits that follows and protect the Player from damage, even carrying Milla's Phantom Cubes. Collecting more Guardian Orbs will stock up the numbers of hits on the Player's Health Meter, able to absorb 6 to 7 hit. The Player can even change the Element of their Orb by obtaining another Orb of a different Element.

Guardian Orb List

Picture Details Sound Clip
Water Orb
Spawns a Blue Orb with Fish Fins
  • Provides an Infinite Air Supply while underwater
  • Protects from:
    • Bubble Attacks
Wood Orb
Spawns a Green Orb with Butterfly Wings
  • Pulls in nearby Health Petals
  • Protects from:
    • Poison Attacks
Fire Orb
Spawns a Red Orb with Phoenix Wings
  • Spawns 1 Health Petal per 20 Crystal Shards
  • Protects from:
    • Fire Attacks & Hazards
Earth Orb
Spawns a Yellow Orb with Beetle Wings
  • Pulls in nearby Crystal Shards
  • Protects from:
    • Crystal Attacks
    • Earth Attacks
Metal Orb
Spawns a Gray Orb with Eagle Wings
  • Protects from:
    • Spike Floors & Walls
    • Electric Attacks
    • Sword Attacks


  • The Shield Crystals are reminiscent to the Item Monitors in the Sonic the Hedgehog series with similar abilities, such as Invincibility.
  • In the original August 2012 prototype, the mechanics for the Elemental Shields behaved rather differently. All players have the ability to summon an elemental Shield. To summon one however, a character would need to collect five keystone and the type of Shield spawned depends on the most obtained keystone element.
    • It was also possible to cycle between different Shield types simultaneously.
    • The ability to summon Elemental Shields was actually retained for Dail and Neera in Freedom Planet.
    • This mechanic seems to be restructured in Freedom Planet 2.
  • When entering a Cutscene in Adventure Mode, the player's Shield will surround the other a Character they're not controlling. When the Cutscene ends, the Shield returns to the Character the player is controlling. Also, if playing as Milla while holding a Phantom Cube at the end of a Stage, it may cause another Phantom Cube to appear above the Shield when entering a Cutscene. So far, this glitch only works during the Cutscenes in Relic Maze and Trap Hideout.
    Shield glitch

    Lilac with an Earth Shield in Carol's story

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