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StageIcon Park.png Overview Transcript
You will travel to Shang Tu Palace and meet with the Magister immediately. You will act with proper reverence. I will NOT tolerate any flippancy.
- Neera Li, telling Team Lilac to meet with the Magister in Shang Tu

Shenlin Park is the 2nd Stage in Freedom Planet 2, being part 1 of the Museum Arc. It is a city park located in the Kingdom of Shang Tu.

Story Overview

Lady Neera escorts Team Lilac to the Royal Palace in Shang Tu to attend an audience with the Royal Magister. Upon noticing multiple robots rampaging through Shenlin Park, the Team springs into action to help defend the city.

Stage Layout

The stage is set inside the city of Shang Tu. Spread throughout the stage are various gimmicks such as bells that the player can ring by attacking them (whether the bells drops items when rung is unknown), pipes, monorail trains and levers that control certain platforms. Trigger Joy can be seen ravaging through the stage at certain parts. The final part of the stage takes place on a large boat leading up to the end stage boss.


Minor Enemies

Meteor Roller
Tower Cannon


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Trigger Joy