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This section contains information about content that is currently in development.

The Shang Tu Dojo is a location situated within Avalice.


Not much is known about the Shang Tu Dojo other than the fact that it is located somewhere within the walls of Shang Tu (based on its name), though whether it truly exists is currently unknown at the time. It is also unknown if any of our furry heroes have visited this site at any time. Finally, it is currently unknown if this location will be metioned or actually make an appearance at all in Freedom Planet 2.


Gameplay wise, the Shang Tu Dojo is a scrapped location in Freedom Planet (effectively making Freedom Planet its first appearance in). Its appearance seems to mimic that of the Shang Mu Academy, albeit with a torch similar to the ones used within Trap Hideout. Judging by the information, it appears this would have been a location to fight enemies or even re-fight certain bosses. Unfortunately due to its (possible) incompletion, no stages can be selected.

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  • Pangu's appearance in Freedom Planet 2 may be a continuation of the Shang Tu Dojo's role. It may even be possible that Pangu is situated within the Dojo itself.
  • It is unknown if Brevon was intended to be refought here.


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