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|Name=Shang Mu Academy
|Name=Shang Mu Academy

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Shang Mu Academy Stage Select Icon

Shang Mu Academy is one of the Extra Stage in Freedom Planet, and can only be played in Time Attack Mode.

Located in Shang Mu, the Academy is where the player can practice playing as Lilac, Carol & Milla in 18 target smashing Obstacle Cources. The goal is to break the Targets on each Course as quickly as possible while avoiding Traps. By completing all 18 stages, the player will earn a Target Master Acheivement based on the character that completed them. All characters will have a maximum of three Health Petals in these Courses, but some some Courses reduce the character's health, even to a One-Hit KO.


Number Targets Health Petals Notes
1 5 3 Simple layout
2 4 3 A little more complex
3 4 3 First stage with springs
4 6 2 First stage with spikes
5 6 3 First stage with spike pillars
6 7 3 High-speed
7 4 1 First moving platform
8 11 3 Several moving platforms
9 7 3 Maze
10 4 0 Spikes, no health
11 8 3 Mostly springs
12 4 3 Floating loops
13 1 3 Precision jumping to narrow platforms
14 7 3 Inside of big loop
15 7 3 Stage spells out "GO FOR IT!"
16 8 0 Ladders over spikes, no health
17 5 3 Three deep half-pipes
18 1 3 Extended obstacle course


  • Target Master (Lilac): Clear all target rooms in Shang Mu Academy as Lilac.
  • Target Master (Carol): Clear all target rooms in Shang Mu Academy as Carol.
  • Target Master (Milla): Clear all target rooms in Shang Mu Academy as Milla.


  • The Stages in Shang Mu Academy might have been inspired by the Target Smash stages from the Super Smash Bros. Series.
  • There are unused sprites of a Basketball and a Basketball hoop for this stage. It is possible Basketball would have been some kind of bonus game or unlockable. It is also possible the Shang Mu Academy might have had a different function entirely.


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