"You think you can just walk into this conflict, don't you? Well I have news for you... This isn't your fight!"
Serpentine, before his first fight with Lilac in Fortune Night

Serpentine is Lord Brevon's loyal and most powerful mercenary. Unable to resist Brevon's gift of robotic arms, he was infected with a virus that forever enslaved him to Brevon's will. Since then, Serpentine had become part of Brevon's army, rising through the ranks and eventually becoming his top General.


"Those who cross Brevon will die!"
Serpentine, from within the Robopanther

As a viper, Serpentine always wished to have arms, so when Lord Brevon first came to him and offered him mechanical arms, he couldn't refuse. Of course, it came with a price; upon equipping these arms, he was infected with a virus that drove him to the point of insanity and made him completely obedient to Brevon's will. Since then, Serpentine had become a fanatic loyalist to Brevon, as well as his most powerful mercenary. However, his loyalty to Brevon, along with his over-the-top ego, are in fact, his biggest weaknesses.

Powers and Abilities Edit

On his own, Serpentine is fairly strong, making him a formidable opponent in battle. His arsenal consists of Dual Plasma Pistols, a Flamethrower and Wrist Missiles, making him an expert in artillery. He is also equipped with a booster pack, enabling him to glide above the ground at high speed, making him faster than an average snake. Serpentine is also a skilled pilot, capable of controlling a variety of vehicles, such as the Robopanther and a Gunship.

Boss Fight Edit

"Get over here you bug eyed freak!"
Serpentine, when the Player runs too far away from him.

Fortune Night Edit

Serpentine is the Mid-Boss of Fortune Night in Lilac's Story. In Adventure Mode, a brief Cutscene will play, showing Serpentine as he scolds Lilac for "walking into this conflict". After an arguement between the two, the Cutscene ends and the Mid-Boss Fight begins. After attacking, Serpentine will dash quickly to outflank the Player, alternating each time. Once taking enough damage, Serpentine will fall back and jump into his ship, which speeds towards Lilac, who runs away to avoid getting hit. Eventually, Serpentine's ship will hit a brick wall and breaking in two, with the lower half going through the narrow passage, while the upper half fall on top of Serpentine. In Adventure Mode, when Lilac walks back to the crashed ship, she'll say "You had it coming Snake Man!". Afterwards, he'll break out and pursue the Player through Zao's Shopping Paradise.

Jade Creek Edit

Serpentine is also the Phase One Boss of Jade Creek, appearing after the Player tries to chase the Absolution, with Syntax and a captive Torque onboard. Before the Player fights Serpentine, they can obtain a Water Shield. During this fight, Serpentine's attacks are the same as before, accept the range of his Plasma Storm attack is increased, which actually makes it easier to avoid. After taking enough punishment, Serpentine will fall into the background, dropping 3 Health Petals. Then he'll reappear inside of his Gunship, attacking the Player from there.

Final Dreadnought 2 Edit

In Round 2 of Final Dreadnought, the Player will find Serpentine, who appears to be injured. Suddenly, he mutates into a larger, draconic version of himself, making him faster in a pinch and his attacks dangerously stronger. Before this Fight, the Player can get 4 Extra Lives (and a 5th if they time a jump before the floor gives out). Also, there are bottomless pits on both sides of the area during this Boss Fight, so the Player must be careful when using Lilac's Dragon Boost. When close to being defeated, Serpentine's face will break, with one of his eyes hanging out. When defeated, Serpentine will explode, with only a few parts of armor remaining, ending the Fight and the Stage.

Boss Attacks Edit

Serpentine's Attacks Edit

Name Description Picture
Plasma Burst Serpentine shoots three weak shots from his Plasma Pistols. These shots are easy to avoid at point-blank range and can be deflected by Milla's Shield.
Plasma Storm Serpentine will fire a torrent of shots into the air, which will land near him. He will also generate a shield to protect him from being attacked while he's firing. The Area-of-Effect is substantially increased during the fight in Jade Creek. Jumping above Serpentine while he's firing will cause the player to get Stunlocked while taking heavy damage. Milla can block the falling shots if she's carrying a Phantom Block.
Flamethrower Serpentine will fire a flamethrower up and down in the player's direction, while occasionally jumping forward.
Wrist Missile When putting enough distance between the player and Serpentine, he will fire a Missile that slowly traces the player's altitude and locks on to them.

Mutant Serpentine's Attacks Edit

Name Description Picture
Plasma Punch Serpentine launches towards the Player with a Plasma-charged punch. He can also throw the Plasma energy onto the ground, causing it to travel across the ground in the Player's direction.
Scattershot Serpentine fires multiple shots from his hand in four different directions in the Player's direction, enable to inflict Stunlock. Before firing, laser lights come out of his hand, hinting the direction of each shot. These shots can be deflected by Milla's Shield.
Flamethrower Serpentine fires a stream of advancing flames that move in a zig-zag pattern. This attack can be deflected by Milla's Shield.


Trivia Edit

  • Serpentine is one of the villains from the original game to make an appearance in Freedom Planet 2.