The Dragon Girl, Sash Lilac

The following Page is a Collection of Quotes said by Sash Lilac.

Freedom Planet


Dialogue Voice Clip
- On Character Select
-When taking damage
- Using Dragon Cyclone
"Hit me if you can!"
- Taunting the Bone Golem in Relic Maze or Spade in Sky Battalion
"Can't... move it!"
- Pushing an immovable object
"You had it coming, Snake Man!"
- Defeating Serpentine in Fortune Night
- Being defeated


Dialogue Voice Clip
"Hey, come on!"
"What's wrong?"
"Do you want to get a bad time?"

Stage Clear

Dialogue Voice Clip
"Woohoo! Yeah!"
"Woohoo! That's how it's done!"
"Woohoo! We made it!"

Continue from Game Over

Dialogue Voice Clip
"I won't give up!"
"Not today!"
"Let's go!"


Dialogue Voice Clip
"I have to make sure they're okay."

- Pre-Dragon Valley, after seeing a plane crash

"I have to make sure their okay!"

- Pre-Dragon Valley, wanting to check on the crash site

"Not a chance!"

- Pre-Dragon Valley, refusing to spare the heroics

"Stay back!"

- Post-Dragon Valley, confronting Serpentine while protecting Torque

"I'm not gonna let you eat him!"

- Post-Dragon Valley, believing Serpentine will eat Torque


- Post-Dragon Valley, introducing herself to Torque

"You've been following me this whole time, haven't you?"

- Post-Dragon Valley, after Carol arrives at the scene

"She's like my tail. Always right behind me."

- Post-Dragon Valley, introducing Torque to Carol


- Post-Dragon Valley, after Torque introduces himself

"So what are you doing out here? the skies haven't been safe for days."

- Pre-Relic Maze, asking Torque what he was doing in the Valley Region

"The Kingdom Stone? That's impossible!"

- Pre-Relic Maze, doubting anyone could steal the Kingdom Stone

"Pff, you wish."

- Pre-Relic Maze, doubting Carol could steal the Kingdom Stone

"Carol and I are pretty fast. We could run over there for you."

- Pre-Relic Maze, offering to warn the Ancient Temple for Torque

"Darn straight!"

- Pre-Relic Maze, agreeing with Carol that she's "like super fast"

"Right! C'mon Carol!"

- Pre-Relic Maze, heading off to the Ancient Temple with Carol

"General Gong!"

- Pre-Relic Maze, encountering Gong at the Ancient Temple

"We have to talk to you. The Kingdom Stone is in danger!"

- Pre-Relic Maze, warning Gong about the theft plot

"We mean no disrespect. We're just trying to-"

- Pre-Relic Maze, after Neera appears at the Ancient Temple


- Pre-Relic Maze, before being shut out by Neera

"I don't know. I feel like they're hiding something from us . . . "

- Pre-Relic Maze, wondering if Gong & Neera are hiding something

"Follow me!"

- Pre-Relic Maze, after a Shang Mu Truck breaks through the Ancient Temple


- Catching Spade trying to steal the Kingdom Stone

"What do you think you're doing?! That's the Kingdom Stone!"

- Confronting Spade in Relic Maze

"The Scarves left us no choice!"

- After being called a "traitor" by Spade

"You're insane, you know that? You're never gonna get away with it!"

- Telling Spade that he won't get away with stealing the Kingdom Stone

"But we should! Come on!"

- Telling Carol that they should get out of the shrine

"Carol! Where are you?!"

- Post-Relic Maze, looking for Carol as the cave collaspes

"Don't worry about me! Keep going!"

- Post-Relic Maze, getting separated from Carol during the cave in

"DO IT!"

- Post-Relic Maze, telling Carol to get out of the cave


- Post-Relic Maze, calling out to Carol outside the cave


- Post-Relic Maze, continuing to call out to Carol

"Your ear!"

- Post-Relic Maze, noticing a cut on Carol's ear

"Well, we better find Torque and get home so I can patch it up."

- Post-Relic Maze, making her way home with Carol

"We'll think of something. What I really want to know is why Spade is working for Mayor Zao."

- Post-Relic Maze, wondering why Spade would work for Zao

"Well, Zao might know something about the assassination . . . but that still doesn't explain what he needs the stone for"

- Post-Relic Maze, thinking Zao may have something to do with the death of Shuigang's King

*sighs* "I have a bad feelings about all this . . . "

- Post-Relic Maze, looking to the sunset with worry


- Post-Relic Maze, when something catches Carol's attention

"What do you mean?"

- Post-Relic Maze, after Carol tells her they're being followed

"Don't be scared. I promise we'll keep you safe."

- Post-Relic Maze, meeting Milla and telling her not to be scared


- Post-Relic Maze, telling Milla that she is a Dragon


- Post-Relic Maze, when Milla asks if she could touch her Ponytails

"No, no, it's okay. I was just surprised is all. Go ahead."
- Post-Relic Maze, telling Milla she can touch her ponytails
Lilac Voice Clip 05 13
"I won't hurt you."

- Post-Relic Maze, telling Milla that it's safe to touch her Ponytails


- Post-Relic Maze, agreeing with Milla's comment about her "ropey" hair


- Post-Relic Maze, accepting Milla as a friend


- Post-Relic Maze, introducing herself to Milla

"Thanks. This is my friend Carol."

- Post-Relic Maze, introducing Milla to Carol

"You know what? You can come to our secret hideout!"

- Post-Relic Maze, inviting the lonely Milla to her Treehouse

"Yeah! Nobody knows where it is except us."

- Post-Relic Maze, telling Milla that the Treehouse is well hidden

"You sure you don't wanna hang out with us?"

- Post-Relic Maze, asking if Torque want to hang out

"Fair enough. Just shout if you need anything."

- Relic Maze, letting Torque fix his broken gadgets

"Oh, we should have plenty of things to do. Especially with the new girl around."

- Post-Relic Maze, planning to hang out with Carol & Milla

"How 'bout a movie?"

- Post-Relic Maze, after Carol announces her boredom

"What kind of Movies do you like, Milla?"

- Post-Relic Maze, asking Milla what Movie she'd like

"Alright. I think I have just the thing!"

- Post-Relic Maze, deciding what movie to watch


- Post-Relic Maze, after Carol gets her attention during the movie

"He said he had some work to do."

- Post-Relic Maze, when Carol asks why Torque didn't want to hang out

" . . . . . . "

- Post-Relic Maze, being woken up by Carol

"Calm down. What is it?"

- Post-Relic Maze, asking why Carol is panking

*yawns* "What?"

- Post-Relic Maze, being told by Carol that Torque is an alien

"Nrrrhh . . . you probably had a bad dream."

- Post-Relic Maze, tries to ignore Carol and return to sleep

"Alright! Let me get my shoes on!"

- Post-Relic Maze, fully awake and annoyed


- Post-Relic Maze, seeing Torque as an alien for the first time

"We promise . . . Right, Carol?"

- Post-Relic Maze, promising not to hurt Torque if he explains himself

"So you're an alien then?"

- Post-Relic Maze, seeing the short of Torque's story


- Post-Relic Maze, responding to Carol's "space cooties" joke

"Actually, I do."

- Post-Relic Maze, believing Torque's story

"They say that a long time ago, dragons came to Avalice and mixed with our ancestors."

- Post-Relic Maze, explaining to Torque how Dragons came to Avalice from space

"So I guess it's much of a stretch for other things to be out there to."

- Post-Relic Maze, showing belief that there's life in space


- Post-Relic Maze, hearing Lord Brevon's name for the first time

"Destroy It? You can't be serious!"

- Post-Relic Maze, hearing that Torque considering the destruction of the Kingdom Stone to stop Brevon

"I'm sorry about your Captain, but . . . you can't destroy it!"

- Post-Relic Maze, against the idea of destroying the Kingdom Stone

"In fact, you won't even have to think about it, because i'm gonna help you get it back!"

- Post-Relic Maze, offering to help Torque get the Kingdom Stone back

"I don't care how dangerous it is! It's gonna take a lot more than robots and aliens to slow a dragon down!"

- Post-Relic Maze, showing Torque her resolve

"I guess we could save Carol's life a few more times."

- Post-Relic Maze, after Milla asks if she could come to


- Post-Relic Maze, after Torque accepts her help


- Post-Relic Maze, agreeing to secrecy of the mission

"Yeah, we better get some shut-eye. We've got a big day ahead of us."

- Post-Relic Maze, wanting to get some sleep for tomorrow


- Pre-Fortune Night, getting a phone call from Gong

"Hey up and at 'em! We got adventuring to do!"

- Pre-Fortune Night, waking up Carol


- Pre-Fortune Night, responding to Carol falling out of bed

"You can blame Carol for that. She sleeps for like, half a day."

- Pre-Fortune Night, commenting on Carol's habit of oversleeping

"Well anyway, I just got a call from that big panda guy I told you about. He's gonna help us."

- Pre-Fortune Night, informing Torque of Gong's offer of aid

"Actually, we have to meet him. He'll be waiting for us north of here."

- Pre-Fortune Night, telling Torque where to meet Gong

"Great! Ready, girls?"

- Pre-Fortune Night, rallying the newly formed Team Lilac

"I'll say."

- Pre-Fortune Night, impressed by Milla's sense of smell

"It's an honor, General."

- Pre-Fortune Night, upon meeting Gong in the Rage Ravine

"Let's give it a shot!"

- Pre-Fortune Night, accepting Gong's request to be a neutral party

"Hope you're not afraid of heights!"

- Pre-Fortune Night, checking on Milla after climbing into a plane

"Where is it?"

- Pre-Fortune Night, demanding to know where the Kingdom Stone is

"Prince Dail of Shuigang."

- Pre-Fortune Night, telling Torque who Spade's brother is

"We know who's responsible."

- Pre-Fortune Night, trying to tell Spade who really killed his father

"Got it!"

- Pre-Fortune Night, pursuing Serpentine's ship

"What did you call me?!"

- After being called a "Sparkly Twit" by Serpentine in Fortune Night

"It was the moment you brought it to our homeworld!"

- Scorning Serpentine in Fortune Night, for bringing war to her planet

"You'll have to take it first, snake man!"

- Standing up to Serpentine in Fortune Night

"Yeah! We kicked some serious tail back their!"
- Post-Fortune Night, after defeating the Robopanther
"No! STOP!"

- Post-Fortune Night, trying to stop Serpentine from escaping

"There has to be a way! What about Mayor Zao?"

- Post-Fortune Night, suggesting on going to Zao for help

"He's Royalty! You have to bow!"

- Post-Fortune Night, whispering to Carol after bowing before Zao

"Well, Mayor Zao, we would be honored to be your guests this evening."

- Post-Fortune Night, accepting Zao's offer for a royal feast


- Post-Fortune Night, reacting to a plate of sushi

"Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa, you both like something? Is this the end of the world?"

- Post-Fortune Night, surprised that Carol & Milla both like sushi


- Post-Fortune Night, hearing Zao's question about Torque coming from another planet


- Post-Fortune Night, apologizing for coughing while eating

"Carol! Manners."

- Post-Fortune Night, after Carol talks with her mouth full

"Why did you take it? Why now?"

- Post-Fortune Night, asking Zao why he took the Kingdom Stone

"Your excellency, we're a neutral party. Send us to speak on your behalf."

- Pre-Sky Battalion, asking Zao for Team Lilac to speak on his behalf

"Just imagine how much people are going to love you for reuniting the three kingdoms against a common enemy. You'll be a hero!"

- Pre-Sky Battalion, telling Zao what he'll get from uniting the Three Kingdoms


- Pre-Sky Battalion, seeing Zao's Airship for the first time

"Just imagine it, Carol. There are other worlds out there, just like ours . . . "

- Pre-Sky Battalion, thinking about the worlds beyond Avalice

"Are you kidding? It'd be the coolest thing ever!"

- Pre-Sky Battalion, loving the idea of going on a space adventure

"Did you have change of heart?"

- Pre-Sky Battalion, asking Torque if he changed his mind about space adventures

"You're right."

- Pre-Sky Battalion, agreeing with Torque about not being able to change the past

"Milla? I'm not sure. Can you go check on her, Carol?"

- Pre-Sky Battalion, asking Carol to check on Milla

"I'm gonna get some sleep."

- Pre-Fortune Night, heading below deck to get some sleep

"Don't you get it?! Lord Brevon's the murderer!"

- Confronting Spade on the Fire Airship in Sky Battalion

"Like that'll happen!"

- Doubting Spade could throw her overboard in Sky Battalion

"Hang onnn!"

- Post-Sky Battalion, when Zao's Airship starts falling from the sky

"How could Zao do this?"

- Post-Sky Battalion, realizing that Zao tricked her and her friends

"We would've been ready if he had warned us. No wonder Brevon's gotten away with anything. our leaders are too brain-dead to pay attention to anything but themselves!"

- Post-Sky Battalion, furious at the deception of Avalice's leaders

*sighs* "Nevermind. I'm just . . . I don't know."

- Post-Sky Battalion, quickly calming down after her outburst

"Shang Tu is just a few miles east. The river should take us there."

- Post-Sky Battalion, telling Torque where the closest city is

"I hope he believe us . . . "

- Post-Sky Battalion, hoping the Magister will help them

"Things have been pretty crazy so far, huh?"

- Post-Sky Battalion, checking on Milla

"How long have you been away from your parents?"

- Post-Sky Battalion, asking Milla about her Parents

"And you've been alone in the woods ever since?"

- Post-Sky Battalion, asking if Milla has been in the woods her whole life

"I hope this doesn't sound weird, but . . . that's kinda impressive. I wouldn't survive a day without my treehouse."

- Post-Sky Battalion, impressed by Milla's survival skills

"Hey . . . when this is all over, how about a girls' night out? Just you and me?"

- Post-Sky Battalion, offering Milla to have a "girl's night out" in the future

"Something like that. We could try on some dresses, or just buy a huge plate of sushi and just pig out!"

- Post-Sky Battalion, giving Milla details of a "girl's night out"

"Good luck getting her to put a dress on."

- Post-Sky Battalion, describing that Carol hates wearing dresses


- Post-Sky Battalion, after Milla accept her "girl's night out" offer

"Prince Dail took the stone."

- Pre-Jade Creek, informing Gong that Dail took the Kingdom Stone

"And you know our names because . . . ? "

- Pre-Jade Creek, asking Neera how she knows their names


- Pre-Jade Creek, interrupting Carol speaking to the Magister

"Magister, we're no longer members of the Red Scarves. It was a long time age. We did what we had to do to survive."

- Pre-Jade Creek, telling the Magister she and Carol are no longer involved with the Red Scarves

"Magister, please! We don't have time for this!"

- Pre-Jade Creek, after Neera drops an ice cage on top of her

"Come closer. We can't let the guards hear us."

- Pre-Jade Creek, whispering to Carol inside the prison cell

"Now let's try to figure this out. We gotta bust out of here, but we can't leave without Torque."

- Pre-Jade Creek, making a plan to escape and find Torque

"It's not gonna be easy. He's been quarantined."

- Pre-Jade Creek, knowing that freeing Torque will not be easy

"Uh, Carol, we don't have any of our belongings."

- Pre-Jade Creek, telling Carol that her "bribery plan" won't work

"I told you, we can't leave without Torque."

- Pre-Jade Creek, reminding Carol that they have to find Torque


- Pre-Jade Creek, surprised that Milla had her own idea of escape

"Actually, one of us should go. We don't want the guards to suspect anything."

- Pre-Jade Creek, deciding that one of them should go to prevent suspicion from the Guards

"The sooner you find Torque, the sooner we can get out of here."

- Pre-Jade Creek, wishing Mills luck in finding Torque


- Pre-Jade Creek, catching Neera's attention before leaving

"Tell the Magister I want to confess!"

- Pre-Jade Creek, telling Neera she's ready to confess

"It's okay. I have an idea."

- Pre-Jade Creek, easing Carol's surprised nerves

"So Torque has nothing to do with this. We forced him to help us against his will."

- Pre-Jade Creek, (falsely) confessing to the Magister

"If I may make one last request . . . I want to say goodbye to him, and apologize to him for the trouble I've caused."

- Pre-Jade Creek, requesting that she see Torque one more time

"I know . . . but we can't do anthing while we're all sitting behind bars. We need more evidence."

- Pre-Jade Creek, telling Torque that more evidence is need to convince the Magister

"We'll catch up with you. Busting out of here will be a piece of crab cake."

- Pre-Jade Creek, telling Torque that escape will be easy

"I don't know!"

- Post-Jade Creek, answering Milla's question in anger

"I don't know . . . "

- Post-Jade Creek, realizing she failed to save Torque

"So that's it? We just leave and let Torque die?"

- Pre-Thermal Base, after Carol decides to give up

"That doesn't mean anything."

- Pre-Thermal Base, after Carol states that this quest was not for "kids" like them

"How can you say that? I put myself on the front lines so you don't have to!"

- Post-Jade Creek, after Carol accuses her of always putting them in harm's way

"What's the problem with that? We're helping each other do the right thing!"

- Post-Jade Creek, always wanting to do what is right

"Carol . . . "

- Post-Jade Creek, trying to apologize to Carol

"It's okay."

- Post-Jade Creek, comforting a scared Milla after her fallout with Carol

"I'm going after him. Alone."

- Post-Jade Creek, deciding to save Torque alone

"No. Carol's right. Friends shouldn't let each other get hurt."

- Post-Jade Creek, not wanting to put her friends in danger

"You should stay behind with her."

- Post-Jade Creek, telling Milla to stay behind with Carol

"Milla, stay here."

- Post-Jade Creek, noticing Milla following her


- Post-Jade Creek, Dragon Boosting away from Milla

"Let him go!"

- Post-Thermal Base, confronted by Serpentine

"Remember what happened the last time you messed with a dragon? LET HIM GO!"

- Post-Thermal Base, demanding that Serpentine releases Torque


- Post-Thermal Base, being held down by Shade Elites


- Post-Thermal Base, being grabbed by the throat by Brevon

"For my friends. I'll do whatever it takes to keep them safe from freaks like you."

- Post-Thermal Base, after brevon asks her for why she fights

"You forgot the part where you took our Kingdom Stone! Where you ruined years of peace between my people and put thousands in danger!"

- Post-Thermal Base, scorning Brevon for ruining years of peace on Avalice

"I had to do something!"

- Post-Thermal Base, after seeing Torque in chains

"Don't tell him anything!"

- Post-Thermal Base, telling Torque not to talk

*screaming in pain*

- Post-Thermal Base, being electrocuted by Brevon's torture machine

"I'll do more than that you monster!"

- Post-Thermal Base, declaring that she'll make Brevon suffer

*cough* "We gotta leave now!"

- Post-Thermal Base, being rescued by Carol, Milla & Torque

"No! NO!"

- Post-Thermal Base, distraught over being found by Neera

"I have to find them!"

- Post-Thermal Base, desperate to find her friends

"Do what you have to."

- Post-Thermal Base, surrendering to Neera due to injuries

"If it makes any difference, your excellency . . . I'm deeply sorry."

- Pre-Pangu Lagoon, apologizing to the Magister for her deception

"Does that mean that you'll help?"

- Pre-Pangu Lagoon, asking if the Magister will now help her

"Th . . . Thank you, your excellency."

- Pre-Pangu Lagoon, accepting the Magister's request for a mission

"Why haven't you dug it up by now?"

- Pre-Pangu Lagoon, learning of the mineral's origin

"I won't fail you."

-Pre-Pangu Lagoon, determined to redeem herself to the Magister

"What? This . . . this can't be possible!"

- Seeing the Holodragon for the first time

"You're one of Brevon's robots!"

- Post-Pangu Lagoon, seeing Pangu, whom see mistakes for Syntax

"Then what are you?"

- Post-Pangu Lagoon, learning that Pangu isn't Brevon's Robot

"What are you? Where did you come from?"

- Post-Pangu Lagoon, asking Pangu what she is

"Do you believe it, your excellency?"

- Post-Pangu Lagoon, after the Magister see's Pangu's message

"What?! But they're innocent!"

- Post-Pangu Lagoon, learning that Zao is going to attack Shuigang

"What are we gonna do?!"

- Post-Pangu Lagoon, wondering how to prevent war

"Tell me what to do."

- Post-Pangu Lagoon, awaiting the Magister's orders


- Post-Pangu Lagoon, after the Magister directs her to the Snowfields

"Careful what you wish for."

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, announcing her arrival to her friends


- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, reuniting with her friends

"I didn't do it. This little fella did."

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, after Carol asks about the (Holo)dragon

"It's okay, guys. This robot wasn't made by Brevon."

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, presenting Pangu to her friends

"It's a long story . . . but the Magister believes us now. We have his full support."

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, confirming that Team Lilac has the Magister's trust

"We do have one advantage . . . Brevon wants the four of dead no matter what."

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, her idea of their advantage

"If he sees us coming, we can distract him."

- Pre-Schmup Stage, suggesting a diversion against Brevon

"Kill the power, get the stone back . . . Right?"

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, translating Torque's "Techno Babble"

" . . . It'll work. It has to."

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, believing Torque's hacking devices will work

"Would Brevon have left us alone if we hadn't tried to stop him?"

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, wondering if they didn't try to stop Brevon

"But is it true?"

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, asking Torque if what she said is true

" . . . You're right. We can't quit now."

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, believing Torque about what the effects of Brevon's conquest would have on Avalice

"You ready, Carol?"

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, rallying Carol for battle


- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, rallying Milla for battle

"Let's show this green maniac how to save a planet!"
- Pre-Schmup Stage, ready to face Brevon's Army

- Post-Battle Glacier, calling out to Spade

"look, I'm sorry, okay?! I was scared! I didn't know what I was doing!"

- Post-Battle Glacier, apologizing to Spade for their fallout years ago

"Then let me go instead. You're to important to the mission."

- Post-Battle Glacier, offering to board the Dreadnought in Torque's place

"We said we were gonna help you get back the stone. We still mean it."

- Post-Battle Glacier, reminding Torque that Team Lilac was going to see his mission through to the end


- Post-Final Dreadnought 3, after defeating Mutant Milla


- Post-Final Dreadnought 3, stricken with fear and guilt that Milla may be dead


- Post-Final Dreadnought 3, screaming in grief and anger after hurting Milla

"I'll never forgive you!"
- Confronting Lord Brevon in Final Dreadnought 4
"Your machines won't save you from the dragon you've unleashed! I WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU THROW AT ME! I WILL MAKE YOU PAYFOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!"
- After defeating Brevon's Power Suit in Final Dreadnought 4
Lilac Voice Clip 46 02
"NOBODY . . . HURTS . . . MILLA!!!"

- Defeating Brevon in Final Dreadnought 4

"You weren't yourself. It's okay."

- During the Epilogue, trying to comfort a distraught Milla

"It's okay."

- During the Epilogue, easing Milla's tears

"Are you okay?"

- During the Epilogue (Milla's Story), after Carol wakes from her coma

" . . . Yep. She's fine."

- During the Epilogue (Milla's Story), after Carol plays dead

"Yeah. We did."

- During the Epilogue (Milla's Story), telling Carol that they beat Brevon

"I couldn't save it . . . I couldn't even stop him from getting away . . . "

- During the Epilogue, knowing she failed to save the Kingdom Stone and was unable to stop Brevon from escaping

"But at what cost? How are we going to survive without anymore energy?"

- During the Epilogue, believing all hope is lost for Avalice

"It's . . . It's not destroyed?"

- During the Epilogue, witnessing the Kingdom Stone's Transformation

"It must have changed form!"

- During the Epilogue, realizing the Kingdom Stone was changing

"Pssh, c'mere you!"

- During the Epilogue, before she, Carol & Milla gives Torque a group hug

"So I guess this is it, huh?"

- During the Epilogue, knowing it was time for Torque to leave

"See you soon!"

- During the Epilogue, saying goodbye to Torque as he enters his rocket


Note that these lines are outtakes by the voice actress and are considered Non-Canon to the Game's Story.

Dialogue Voice Clip
- Pre-Dragon Valley, after Carol asks her to spare the Heroics
Lilac Voice Clip 01b 05
"Carol and I are pretty fast. We could run right- bleh. I'm sorry!" *laughing*
- Post-Dragon Valley, misspeaking before running off screen; Torque reacts with confusion while Carol reacts with humor
"Well anyway, I got a big call from that big panda guy I told y- What?" *laughing* "A big call! Because the panda is big!"
-Post-Relic Maze, misspeaking about General Gong
"Let's ask- bleh. Bleh, bleh, gah!"
- Post-Fortune Night, misspeaking before running off screen a second time
"No, no, it's okay. I was just surprised is all. Go ahead."

- Pre-Jade Creek, responding to the Magister's statement about establishing a "Timtams Currency Program"

"Does that mean y-that you'll help?"
- Pre-Pangu Lagoon, misspeaking to the Magister


Dialogue Voice Clip
"I don't need to be special! As long as I fight for something special, no amount of pain will ever break my spirit!"
- Post-Final Battle, showing Brevon her resolve and determination
Lilac Voice Clip 47 01
"Aww, don't worry girls. We'll get Space Cooties back here someday.",
- Epilogue, after Torque's Rocket leaves Avalice
Lilac Voice Clip 52 04

Freedom Planet 2


Dialogue Voice Clip

- Using Dragon Cyclone


Dialogue Voice Clip
"Whenever you're ready."
"Hey, come on!" (before v1.0.7)
"Sometimes a girl's gotta take her time." (v1.0.7 and on)

Stage Clear

Dialogue Voice Clip
"That's how it's done!"
"Stay classy."


Dialogue Voice Clip
"You won't win that easily!"
"One more time."
"Gotta keep moving."
"I . . . WON'T . . . LOSE!"


Dialogue Voice Clip
"Come on, let's do what we do best!"

- Lilac Gameplay Preview Trailer

"Yeah... Sorry it's on such late notice, but could we crash at your place tonight?"

- To Milla at her Lab, Adventure Mode 2019 Trailer

"Magister, we accept your offer."

- To the Magister, Adventure Mode 2019 Trailer

"Hey! Get back here!"

- To Aaa, Adventure Mode 2019 Traile

"Please, in the name of justice, help us protect our city!

- To Kalaw, Adventure Mode 2019 Trailer

"Really? You do know who I am, right?"

- When challenged to a race by Kalaw, Adventure Mode 2019 Trailer


FP2 Preview - Lilac Gameplay

FP2 Preview - Lilac Gameplay

Freedom Planet 2 - Adventure Mode Trailer 2019

Freedom Planet 2 - Adventure Mode Trailer 2019

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