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S.A.M.U. is a Mini-Boss in Fortune Night in Freedom Planet, also being the Mid-Boss in Carol & Milla's story.


S.A.M.U. is a large, red, gold and silver robot head with two detached hands and a single eye. Its armor resembles a helmet of Ancient Samurai Warriors.


S.A.M.U. will fly around back and forth above a brick bridge and slam its fists down onto it, destroying different parts of it. This can be dangerous to the player, as it could eventually create a hole leading down into a pit of spikes (If having metal shield, the spikes won't damage the character). To defeat it, the character simply needs to attack its eye a few times. Once defeated, the character can then proceed further in Fortune Night.

As Carol or Milla, S.A.M.U. would be fought twice in the stage. Defeating it in the last normal area of the stage will allow the player to proceed to fight Robopanther not long afterwards.


  • Ground Punch: S.A.M.U. will descend to the ground and punch the ground, breaking it afterwards. It will punch three times when using this move.
  • Wall Slam: S.A.M.U. will pause in the air, charge up and charge at the wall, slamming the Player if their in the way.
  • Dual Shot: S.A.M.U. Will shoot slow moving projectiles from the thrusters of it's hands, always shooting downwards in a diagonal angle.


  • The fights against S.A.M.U. appear to be reminiscent of the boss fight against Bowser at the end of Super Mario Bros. 3. He also could smash through the bricks making up the bridge to Peach's door, which could be used to one player's advantage in order to defeat him.