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Freedom Planet


Dialogue Voice Clip
"A crisis has befallen our world. For centuries, we have depended on the Kingdom Stone . . . but it's strength is failing. It cannot keep up with our growing for energy. The Prince of Shuigang, poisoned with madness over the death of his father, has spread machines across the land to steal energy from other kingdoms. Tensions are growing, and I fear that war may be inevitable."

- During the Prologue, narrating the Plot of Freedom Planet

"By who?!"

-Post-Relic Maze, asking Gong who stole the Kingdom Stone

"This is troubling. Zao may be a buffon, but I never believed he was capable of this."

- Post-Relic Maze, surprised by Zao's capability of such a theft

"Don't be hard on yourself, General. I would've been just as skeptical."

- Post-Relic Maze, easing Gong's shame for his failure

"Tell me . . . who was it that issued this warning?"

- Post-Relic Maze, asking Gong who issued the warning of the theft

"It's my understanding that Shuigang is now in procession of the Kingdom Stone."

- Pre-Jade Creek, learning of Shuigang's procession of the Kingdom Stone

" . . . Explain."

- Pre-Jade Creek, asking Torque to explain himself

"And you have proof of this?"

- Pre-Jade Creek, asking for proof on Torque's explanation


- Pre-Jade Creek, allowing Neera to offer a counter-theory on Torque's explanation

"Is this true?"

- Pre-Jade Creek, asking if Neera's claims about Lilac & Carol are true

"Detain them until further notice. Make sure the commander and his "evidence" are properly quarantined."

- Pre-Jade Creek, ordering Neera to detain Team Lilac

"You're right. Take them away immediately."

- Pre-Jade Creek, ordering Neera to take Team Lilac away

"I see."

- Pre-Jade Creek, after Lilac "confesses" to him about using Torque

"Since you have displayed integrity in revealing this farce, I will release your friend. But this does not change you own fate."

- Pre-Jade Creek, allowing Torque to be released

"You and your companions have lied to us, and in doing so have wasted our time and resources."

- Pre-Jade Creek, telling Lilac Lilac the severity of her deciet

"You will remained imprisoned until I deem otherwise."

- Pre-Jade Creek, sentencing Lilac to remain imprisoned with Carol & Milla

"Very well. Make it quick."

- Pre-Jade Creek, allowing Lilac to see Torque one more time

"Once again, you have deceived us. Do you realize what this means?"

- Post-Thermal Base, scorning an injured Lilac for deceiving him again

"It means that I have been foolish."

- Post-Thermal Base, admitting his foolishness for distrusting Lilac and her friends

"We examined the fragment your Commander gave us."

- Post-Thermal Base, telling Lilac that the Robopanther fragment was examined

"There is something you must do for us first. A mission, if you will."

- Post-Thermal Base, offering Lilac a chance for redemption

"Accept and we will restore your strength. Succeed and we will restore your honor."

- Post-Thermal Base, explaining what Lilac will get out of accepting his offer

"This could provide the answers we seek . . . Why the invaders know of our world, and, more importantly, how to defeat them."

- Pre-Pangu Lagoon, believing what the mineral's location of origin hides

"The implications of this are powerful . . . "

- Post-Pangu Lagoon, after seeing Pangu's message

"It's difficult to say . . . But if it is true, then the Kingdom Stone is more important to our future than we realize."

- Post-Pangu Lagoon, realizing the importance of the Kingdom Stone

"It must be returned to its resting place before the energy within is lost forever."

- Post-Pangu Lagoon, knowing the Kingdom Stone must be recovered

"Something terrible has happened in your absence. Zao has sent his army to attack Shuigang."

- Post-Pangu Lagoon, informing Lilac that Zao is going to attack Shuigang

"Not as far as Zao is concerned. I have sent soldiers of our own to hold them off, but I fear that it will not be for long."

- Post-Pangu Lagoon, having already sent his own troops to hold off Zao

"As ironic as it may seem, you are the only dragonblood worthy of our trust.You can stop this war before it begins."

- Post-Pangu Lagoon, seeing that Lilac is worthy of his trust

"Our ships will take you as far as they can. When you land, ride the northern winds to the snowfields."

- Post-Pangu Lagoon, offering Lilac transportation to the Snowfields

"We are counting on you, dragonblood. Safe winds."

- Post-Pangu Lagoon, entrusting Lilac to save Avalice

"An opportunity has fallen to our world. We now realize that the Kingdom Stone was never fading, but changing in ways that were transparent to us in our lust for power and prestige. The wind carries it's eternal glow to the furthest reaches of our lands, and former enemies extend their hands to one another, acknowledging the error of their ways. Creatures both mutant and metal still ravage the landscape, and it will be some time before we can dispose of them once and for all. Perhaps most troubling of all, is that Lord Brevon, the monster who threw our world into chaos, is nowhere to be found. There is still much work to be done. We are not completely out of danger, but my people and I will rest easy tonight, knowing that the bravery and sacrifices of a select few have given our another chance."

- Post-Final Dreadnought, narrating the Epilogue of Freedom Planet


Dialogue Voice Clip
"We shall establish a timtams currency exchange program."

- Pre-Jade Creek, while speaking to Lilac


- Pre-Jade Creek, repeating the previous line to Lilac

Freedom Planet 2


Dialogue Voice Clip
"We need capable fighters to counter the attacks and discover their origin."

- To Team Lilac, Adventure Mode 2019 Trailer

"Remnants of the Alien Attack Force haunt us still. Striking us at our most vulnerable, leaving us in a perpetual state of turmoil. The world of Avalice needs hope, but more than that, it needs heroes."

- To the Avalicians, Adventure Mode 2019 trailer

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