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"We are counting on you, dragonblood. Safe winds."
- The Magister, entrusting Lilac to stop the Kingdoms from waging war.

The Royal Magister is the ruler of the Kingdom of Shang Tu, as well the Commander of said Kingdom's Royal Guard. He is also the narrator for both the Prologue and Epilogue of Freedom Planet.


The Magister is an Earth Dragon, though his physical appearance is unknown, due to his headwear leaving his whole face (except his magenta-colored eyes) completely silhouetted, making him a mysterious individual. He wear royal robes in the colors of blue, sky blue and yellow.


The Magister is a wise and peaceful ruler who makes many decisions for the people of Shang Tu. He'll do whatever it takes to protect his city and his people, even at the expense of his neighbors, though he won't hesitate to assist them with serious matters should the need arise.


  • In the Royal Palace of Shang Tu, there is an arrow stuck in a column that the Magister often stands next to. Why he hasn't removed it is a reason unknown.
  • During a blooper, the Magister says that he will establish a "Timtams Currency Exchange Program" . This refers to an Australian chocolate bar brand, which is also the favorite chocolate of the Magister's voice actor, Edwyn Tiong.
  • In an earlier sketch of the Magister, he is seen alongside Mayor Zao, but the Magister himself has a slightly altered appearance. He appears to have a Beak and his face appears more visible, possibly hinting that he was originally a Bird-Type of species similar to Bird Guard who also resides within the Royal Palace walls.