You'll fail. Men like you always fail.
A Rogue Warrior's final words before being beheaded by Lord Brevon

The Rogue Warriors were minor characters that appeared in Freedom Planet.

The Rogue Warriors had learned of the existence of Lord Brevon, also learning of his plan to ignite civil war between the Three Kingdoms, so he can steal the Kingdom Stone. They traveled to Shuigang, where and confronted Brevon at the Palace in an attempt to stop him (and possibly to avenge the Fallen King). Unfortunately, the Rogue Warriors underestimated the strength of Brevon, who killed them all, bored by their lectures.

Two of the Rogue Warriors appear in the beginning dead, with the last one warning Brevon that he will fail in his plans before being beheaded by the Warlord himself. Brevon ignored the Rogue Warrior's final words, passing them off as an "interesting Theory". As a possible result, Brevon was eventually defeated in battle at the hands and fury of a certain Dragon Girl.