Those who cross Brevon will DIE!
- Serpentine, during the Climax of the Robopanther Fight

The Robopanther is the End-Boss of Fortune Night, considered to be one of the most focal and iconic points in Freedom Planet, as the fight itself is very intense and fast-paced.


As the name implies, the Robopanther is a large, panther-like vehicle that is piloted by Serpentine, and a weapon in Lord Brevon's Army. It is protected by golden-yellow armor and is armed with a blaster cannon, missile launcher and arm cannons hidden within the front legs.


The Robopanther has a well-equipped arsenal and can make quick work of Players who are ill-prepared for such a fight. Lilac & Carol will run and fight on the ground, while Milla & Torque take the fight in the sky with a Biplane. The Robopanther's weak point is a red core inside the lower jaw. Attacking the jaw will cause it to open up, exposing the core of any attack. As the jaw takes damage, it will crack, showing that it's close to being destroyed. Destroying the jaw will fully expose the core. Hitting the core a few more times will destroy the it, ending the level.


  • Machinegun: The Robopanther fires a burst of energy shots at the Player. If playing as Milla, the gun tracks the Player's movements and shoots at the spot where they were last at, though the shots can be blocked (but not deflected) by Milla's Shield.
  • Charge Beam: The Robopanther charges it's gun and fires a beam of energy, sweeping the ground.
  • Plasma Storm: Serpentine will take out his dual pistols and fire a barrage of projectiles into the air while psychotically laughing, which will then fall down to the ground everywhere except under where Serpentine is seated.
  • Arch Missiles: The Robopanther deploys a missile launcher from it's back and fires a cluster of missiles that hit the ground, leaving behind a trail of fire in the shape of an arch.
  • Unicycle Mode: At the climax of the fight, the Robopanther's back legs convert into wheels and the front legs convert into missile launchers, firing missiles at the ground, also leaving a trail of fire, also in an arch shape.

CPU Assistance

Milla & Torque

When playing as Lilac or Carol, Milla & Torque will fly in with a Biplane to provide them with Health Petals. Milla will wave at the Player to get their attention, afterwards, she'll throw down a Health Flower that will instantly shattered once hitting the ground. Because this is a fast-paced Boss Fight, the scattered Petals will quickly move to the left, so the Player must be quick to collect them and replenish their health. Once Milla provides the Player with a Health Flower, Torque fill fly the Biplane into the background wait to assist the Player again.

Lilac & Carol

If playing as Milla, Lilac & Carol will attack the Robopanther from the ground. Lilac will speed in and attack with her Dragon Cyclone, while Carol, who is on her Motorcycle, will attack with her Bike Fu.


CPU Finish: If the Player lets one of the CPU Characters get the final blow on the Robopanther, they will be awarded the Achievement.


  • The Robopanther is one of 2 Bosses that features fast paced and side scrolling, the other being Syntax's Morpher-Mode in Final Dreadnought 1.
  • When using Dragon boost against the auto-scrolling wall in the boss fight Lilac will flip upside down. This works also against the Morpher when the laser doesn't hurt her at the end.
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