-Lilac & Carol's Scenes-

Dragon Valley

Torque, a Shellduck, is being held up by Serpentine, a Snake with robotic arms.

Serpentine: How many Chasers are left? Tell me!

Torque: You didn't say Please.

Serpentine: Don't play games with me, duckling! Tell me!

Torque: Fine, be that way.

Torque retreats into his shell, infuriating Serpentine.

Serpentine: TSSSHAH! Where's that blasted snake mount?!

Remains of the Hunter Snake come flying in next to Serpentine.

Serpentine: I guess we'll have to do this the hard way!

Serpentine shoots Torque a few times, who bounces right and back to him, with Serpentine firing Torque into the trees with a barrage of shots.

Serpentine: I can do this all day!

Lilac and a panicked Torque fall out of the trees.

Serpentine: What is this hideous creature?

Lilac stands up and runs to Torque's side.

Lilac: Stay back!

Serpentine brandishes his pistol.

Serpentine: Oohh, no! The duck man comes with me!

Lilac: I'm not gonna let you eat him!

Sepentine: What?

Lilac grabs Torque and Dragon Boosts past Serpentine.

Serpentine: WHAT THE!?

Serpentine fires a missile in Lilac's direction, blowing up the area ahead, then comes to investigate.

Serpentine: Tchyaa hahahahaha! Too easy!

As Serpentine leaves, Lilac and Torque come out from behind a rock they were hiding behind.

Torque: (sighs) That was a close one.

Torque: Thank you, Miss...?

Lilac: Lilac.

Torque: Miss Lilac.

Carol drives in with her Motorcycle.

Carol: Are you okay? I saw a huge explosion back there!

Lilac: You've been following me this whole time, haven't you?

Carol: Duh?

Torque: I take it you know this guy?

Carol: Girl.

Torque: This girl?

Lilac walks over to Carol's side.

Lilac: She's like my tail! Always right behind me.

Carol: Carol the Wildcat, at your service! AaaandthisisLilac.

Torque: Well I'm Torque. I'm a, uh, shell-duck.

Lilac: Shellduck?

Torque: It's more of a nickname. I'm not exactly from around here.

Dragon Valley: Lilac's Treehouse

Lilac: So what are you doing out here? The skies haven't been safe for days.

Torque: Someone is about to steal the Kingdom Stone, and I have to stop them.

Lilac: The Kingdom Stone? That's impossible!

Carol: Yeah, only I could steal it!

Lilac: Pff, you wish.

Torque: It's already happening. Mayor Zao is sending troops in disguise to the ancient temple. I have to warn them!

-Blooper Start-

Lilac: Carol and I are pretty fast. We could run right-- blegh.

Lilac runs right off-screen, with Torque looking confused and Carol having an amused expression on her face.

Lilac: *laughing* I'm sorry!

Lilac comes back to Carol and Torque.

-Blooper End-

Lilac: Carol and I are pretty fast. We could run over there for you.

Torque: Seriously?

Carol: Yep! I've got a motorcycle! And she's a Dragon! They're like, super fast.

Lilac: Darn straight!

Torque; Well... It's worth a shot! Hurry over there, before it's too late!

Carol: What about you?

Torque: I'll catch up with you as soon as I find all my stuff.

Lilac: Right! C'mon Carol!

Ancient Temple

Lilac and Carol run to the entrance of the temple, where they find General Gong standing guard.

Lilac: General Gong!

Gong: You two again?

Carol: Nice to see you too.

Lilac: We have to talk to you. The Kingdom Stone is in danger!

Gong: Don't be ridiculous! Nothing gets past MY nose!

Carol: Will you just listen for a minute?

Neera Li appears on the scene, dropping in next to Gong.

Neera: What is the meaning of this?

Lilac: We mean no disrespect, we're just trying to-

Neera: You heard what the General said. There is nothing to worry about.

Lilac/Carol: But-

Neera: Don't make me repeat myself.

Lilac and Carol step away to talk in private.

Carol: Well, they look like they know what they're doin'. Why don't we just charge up and go home? Whaddya say?

Lilac: I don't know. I feel like they're hiding something from us...

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake, and a Shang Mu Truck appears, and the girls quickly duck out of the way as it barges through the temple.

Gong: It's an ambush!

Neera jumps after the truck, with Lilac and Carol now able to enter the temple.

Lilac: Follow me!

-Milla's Scene-

Milla Basset burrows out of the ground, along with a crate, then carries it to her friend Mr. Stumpy.

Milla: Guess what I got, Mr. Stumpy! The secret ingredient for my SUPER feather potion!

Milla throws the crate on the ground, scattering Crystal Shards around.

Milla: I'll fly real high in the clouds so I can find my mommy and daddy, and we'll live happily ever after, like in the stories!

Milla: Doesn't that sound great?!

Mr. Stumpy: ...

Milla: You're so funny when you don't say anything!

The ground begins to shake, making Milla a little nervous.

Milla: What's going on?

Milla walks around a bit, until she sees a Shang Mu Truck coming. Scared, she runs and hops into a nearby tree. Lilac is seen Dragon Boosting after the truck. Milla peeks out of the tree.

Milla: A dragon?

Milla: I've always wanted to meet a dragon!

Milla puppy floats to the temple.

-Lilac & Carol's Scene (Boss Battle)-

Ancient Temple: Kingdom Stone Shrine

Lilac & Carol reach the shrine, where they see they're former friend and rival, Spade, tying a rope to the Kingdom Stone.

Carol: Spade? What's he doing here?

Lilac walks up to Spade, followed by Carol.

Lilac: HEY!

Lilac: What do you think you're doing?! That's the Kingdom Stone!

Spade: So? I need it to find my father's killer. Not like a couple of traitors like yourselves would care.

Carol: I'd rather be called a traitor than a murderer.

Lilac: The Scarves left us no choice!

Spade: And you've left me no choice!

Spade jumps up into the air, raining down cards which are absorbed by Lilac's Dragon Cyclone and Carol's Wild Kick.

Spade: Still training, I see.

Carol: You wanna fight? Come and get it!

Spade: I'd love to stay and dance, but Mayor Zao's got a tight schedule.

Spade: Besides, if something else were to be guarding this thing, I'd hate to be around when it wakes up.

Lilac: You're insane, you know that? You're never gonna get away with it!

Spade: (chuckles) We'll see about that.

The girls run at Spade, who jumps on the Kingdom Stone, which releases a shockwave that stuns Lilac and Carol. The rope pulls the Kingdom Stone, along with Spade up and out of the cave.

Carol: He'll never make it out.

Lilac: But we should! Come on!

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