Not only have you two been stealing crystal shards, you've been working for the same group that claimed responsibility for the stone's theft . . . The Red Scarves.
- Neera Li, accusing Lilac & Carol of being members of the Red Scarves

The Red Scarves are an underground guild of thieves, ninjas and assassins, whose Hideout is hidden in the sewers of Shang Tu. Spade is one of their highest ranking members.


Although it is assumed that they mostly were ninja attire, each member of the Red Scarves wears a Red Scarf, which serves as the symbol and callsign of the Guild.

Known Members

Image Name
  • Top Member
Sash Lilac
  • Former Member
    • Quitted after a fallout with Spade
Carol Tea
  • Former Member
    • Quitted alongside Lilac
Biker Ninjas
  • Multiple Foot Soldiers


Pre-Freedom Planet

Years ago, Lilac and Carol were once members of the Red Scarves, which is where they first met and became best friends (after having a brief rivalry). Together with Spade, the girls trained and competed in underground tournaments, winning prize money on behalf of the Red Scarves. However, Spade began crossing lines that Lilac and Carol wouldn't cross (which could be murder), resulting in the their desertion of the Scarves and living independently in a Treehouse in Dragon Valley, deep within the Valley Region.

Freedom Planet

The Red Scarves first appear under Spade's leadership and alongside the Soldiers of Shang Mu, stealing the Kingdom Stone from it's shrine in the Ancient Temple. They also appear with Spade alongside his brother, Prince Dail and his Sky Battalion to shoot down Zao's Airship. Later, after Lilac goes off by herself to rescue Torque, Carol & Milla infiltrate the Red Scarves' Hideout, where they confront Spade and convince him to help them save their friends from Lord Brevon, who is also his Father's killer.

Freedom Planet 2

The Red Scarves continue to act as the most notorious thieve's guild on Avalice, possibly under the leadership of Spade. Their role in the coming battle against Merga and the Bakunawa is currently unknown.


The Biker Ninjas in Trap Hideout use motorcycles, just like Carol, and can also throw large homing shurikens, which can be blocked by Milla's shield. Unlike Carol's motorcycle, the Biker Ninja motorcycles will break in one hit. With the number of Jump Pads in the base, they may be able to use the them (though they have never been seen using them). If playing as Carol, the player must fight 99 Biker Ninjas before fighting Spade. If playing as Milla, the player must fight 15 Biker Ninjas. The Biker Ninjas are also seen in the background of the 2nd half of the stage, cheering on Spade and the biker ninjas.


  • Before the Story of Freedom Planet was rewritten, the Red Scarves were called "Speedrunners". They also betrayed Spade and tried to hunt him down.


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