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This section contains information about content that is currently in development.

Power-Ups are new items featured in Freedom Planet 2. The Player can equip Power-Ups for them to use in any stage. Some of them can buff up the Player, while others can inflict negative effects in a Stage, but provide a Crystal Shard Bonus. They can also be found inside of Treasure Chests, which are placed throughout each Stage. There are over 30 Power-Ups and counting, divided into 5 categories.

Special Power-Ups

Special Power-Ups, as the name implies, provide each of the Playable Characters with their own Special Ability. Unlike regular Power-Ups, they can only be found in Stages. They will also float over stands identical to the ones used for Shield Crystals and Bombs; making it easier for the Player to spot at high-speed.

Special Power-Up List

Picture Details
Lilac's Energizer
Enables Lilac to throw projectiles with her Hair Whips in a way similar to the Super Hair Whip from Pangu Lagoon; it also increases her Energy recharge speed for 10 seconds.
Fuel Can Carol's Fuel Tank (Returning from Freedom Planet 1)
Provides Carol with her Motorcycle, increasing her speed and attack power; it also provides her with brief invulnerability if she already has it equipped.
Milla's Multicube
Provides Milla with a stack of 3 Phantom Cubes that enhances her Super Shield Burst and Cube Blaster to be used in quick succession.
Neera's Speed Skates
Provides Neera with an enhanced "Focus State" for 10 seconds while increasing her movement and attack speed without using her Energy Meter.


Potions (possibly created by Milla) can give the Player a passive buff for the duration of a Stage, making it easier for them to collect Crystal Shards and Extra Stocks. These Power-Ups are recommended for Beginner Players.

Potion List

Here is a list of every Potion so far:

Picture Details
Increases the Player's Max Speed while running on flat ground.
Alchemical Burst
Increases Crystal Shard Bonuses by 10%, but has random effects.
Attack Up
Increases the Player's physical attack power.
Auto Guarding Auto Guarding
Automatic Guarding against Enemy attacks is possible.
Cheaper Stocks Cheaper Stocks
Reduces Crystal Shards needed for an Extra Stock by 50.
Crystals To Petals Crystals to Petals
All Crystal Shards are turned into Health Petals.
Extra Stock Extra Stocks
Increases the Player' Stock Count by 1.
Healing Strike
Enables the Player's physical attacks to absorb Enemy Health.
Max Life Down
Decreases the Player's Health Count by 1.
Max Life Up Max Life Up
Increases the Player's Health Count by 1.
Minus Stocks
Decreases the Player's Stock Count by 1.
Pricey Stocks
Increases Crystal Shards needed for an Extra Stock by 50.
Regeneration Regeneration
The Player's Health Meter slowly regenerates if there's a Health Petal.
Strong Revivals Strong Revivals
Recovers 4 Health Petals when revived.
Super Feather
Increases the Player's jump power, enabling them to jump higher.


Amulets can alter a Stage, putting Time Records into a separate category. These Power-Ups can also provide the Player with Shield Crystals.

Amulet List

Here is a list of every Amulet so far:

Picture Details
Boss Life Drain
The Boss will take damage if the Player Revives.
Cordelia's Blessing
The Player has a 20% chance if revival with no Stocks.
Earth Charm Earth Charm
Provide the Player with an Earth Orb and turns all Shield Crystals into Earth Crystals.
Fire Charm
Provides the Player with a Fire Orb and turns all Shield Crystals into Fire Crystals.
Metal Charm
Provides the Player with a Metal Orb and turns all Shield Crystals into Metal Crystals.
Motorcycle Start
Carol starts out with her Motorcycle.
Water Charm Water Charm
Provides the Player with a Water Orb and turns all Shield Crystals into Water Crystals.
Wood Charm
Provides the Player with a Wood Orb and turns all Shield Crystals into Wood Crystals.

Brave Stones

Brave Stones inflict negative effects on the Player in a Stage, but gives them a Crystal Shard Bonus at the end of a Stage. These Power-Ups are recommended for Experienced Players.

Brave Stone List

Here is a List of every Brave Stone so far:

Picture Details Bonus
Double Damage Double Damage
The Player take more damage from enemy attacks.
Expensive Stocks Expensive Stocks
Increases Crystal shards needed for an Extra Stock by 100.
Gem Booster Gem Booster
Increases Crystal Shard Bonuses.
No Guarding No Guarding
The Player cannot Guard from enemy attacks.
No Petals No Petals
All Health Petals are turned into Crystal Shards.
No Revivals No Revivals
The Player cannot revive when KO'ed.
No Stocks No Stocks
The Player has no Stocks.
Time Limit Time Limit
A Timer appears, and if it runs out, then no Bonuses.

Fusion Stones

Fusion Stones are created by fusing 2 or more Power-Ups together. These Power-Ups add a higher difficulty in a Stage (higher than Brave Stones), but gives a bigger Crystal Shard Bonus.

Fusion Stone List

Here is a list of every Fusion Stone so far:

Picture Details Bonus
Enemy Armor
All enemies have double vitality.
Items To Bombs Items to Bombs
All Item Container are turned into Bombs.
One Hit KO One Hit KO
The Player's Health Meter is empty.
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