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Parusa is an Island Chain located south of the Three Kingdoms of Avalice, and is the site of the Planet's oldest and deadliest war from over a century ago. During the war, a Water Dragon named Merga was bioengineered to be a perfect warrior, but became ruthless and power hungry, resulting in her being sealed in a Crystal Prison locked by the Kingdom Stone's power; and hidden deep in the ocean off the coast of the Island Chain. However, 100 years later, the Kingdom Stone was destroyed in the aftermath of Lord Brevon's defeat, and as a consequence, Merga is freed from her Crystal Prison, and spends the next 3 years in hiding to plot her revenge against the descendants of those who sealed her away. It is possible that she may use Parusa as a staging ground for her goal to "Purify the World", likely due to the Island Chain's mysterious connection to the Ancient Superweapon, Bakunawa.

Notable Locations

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  • The name Parusa comes from Filipino, meaning "Punishment". This may be one of many references to the Philippine culture in Freedom Planet 2.
  • The location of Parusa is based on the Philippine Islands.
  • It is likely that Yellow is the national color of Parusa.