Thermal Base

Lilac makes her way to the deepest areas of the Thermal Base, only to find Serpentine in her way once again.

Serpentine: Looks like it's payback time!

Serpentine hops down from a platform above Lilac.

Lilac: Let him go!

Serpentine: Or else what?

Lilac: Remember what happened the last time you messed with a dragon? LET HIM GO!

Serpentine: -laughing- Good girl! I want you to be nice and angry for THIS!

Suddenly, the door behind Serpentine opened up, and Lord Brevon emerged with a squadren of Shade Elites. Lilac, stricken with fear of Brevon's appearence, attempts to attack the warlord, who easily defeats her with a single knife attack. The Shade Elites grabs Lilac and hold her down long enough for Brevon to grab her by the throat.

Brevon: Before you decided to throw your life away and interfere with our mission, you should have asked yourself one very important question...What makes you so special?

Brevon then chokes Lilac to the point of passing out.

Lilac regains consciousness and finds herself hooked up to an electric machine, with both of her twin ponytails cut off and hung on a railing. She notices Brevon looking at a terminal.

Brevon: Why do you fight?

Lilac doesn't answer Brevon's question, as she closes her eyes in an attempt to pretend to still be unconscious, but to no avail.

Brevon: I know you're awake. Answer the question. Why do you fight?

Lilac: For my friends. I'll do whatever it takes to keep them safe from freaks like you.

Brevon: -chuckles- Keep them safe? Every move you've made has put them directly in harm's way. Destroying our property, assisting our sworn enemies, attempting sabotage against our mission which, by the way, has nothing to do with your world. We are leaving this barbaric planet behind as soon as our ship is repaired.

Lilac: You forgot the part where you took our Kingdom Stone! Where you ruined years of peace between my people and put thousands in danger!

Brevon: An unfortunate side effect, yes...but I wouldn't have resorted to such drastic measures if you had the common sense to stay out of our affairs. Thanks to you, your companions are in more danger than ever.

Lilac: ...!

Brevon: Allow me to show you the consequences of your stupidity.

Brevon pushes a button opening a viewport, revealing Torque in chains.

Torque: Lilac!

Lilac: I had to do something!

Brevon: Answers, commander. Give them to me.

Torque doesn't say a word.

Brevon: Don't be a fool. You've seen how far I'll go to get the information I need.

Lilac: Don't tell him anything!

Torque listens to Lilac and still refuses to talk.

Brevon: Very well. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Brevon activate the electric machine. Lilac screams in pain as the machine electrocutes her. Unable to see his friend in pain, Torque cracks up and confesses.

Torque: I'm the last one! There's no one else left! There, you happy?!

Brevon goes to activate the electric machine again.

Torque: I'm telling the truth!

The machine electrocutes Lilac again, with more power than before. As it powers down, Lilac was left scarred, with barely any strength left.

Brevon: That's nice to know, but I was more interested in your resolve. You crack easily, it seems.

Brevon walks up to the injured Lilac.

Brevon: And this one...I have funny feeling about you. I'll bet I could hack at your limbs all day and you'd still find a way to bite back.

Lilac: I'll do more than that you monster!

Brevon: When we've lured the rest of your group into our hands, you'll be at the top of our execution list.

Syntax appears to give Brevon an emergency alert.


Brevon: Let's see what they're made of.

Later on, Carol and Milla infiltrates the Thermal Base and manages to free Torque through unknown means. The group then make their way to where Lilac is being held.

-Carol and Milla's Scene-

Milla: Lilac's scent is this way!

Carol and Torque follows as Milla leads the way.

-Everybody's Scene-

The group enters the torture room and are shocked to find a severely injured Lilac.

Carol: LILAC!

Torque dashes to the terminal and releases Lilac from the machine. Carol kneels down to her best friend's side in tears.

Carol: I'm sorry I ran off without you! I'll never do it again!

Lilac: -cough- We gotta leave, now!

Brevon and a squadron of Shade Elites enters the room, cutting off their escape.

Brevon: You know, it was so smart of your Coalition to attack my ship above an inhabited planet. What ever happened to that Prime Directive of yours, hm?

Torque: You think you're some blameless force of nature, don't you?! That the rules don't apply to you?!

Brevon: It's my world on the line. You know exactly how far I'll go to ensure it's safety.

Torque: Your world is in danger because of the suffering you've caused to the other worlds!

Brevon: My actions have hurt people? I had no idea. I'm dreadfully sorry.

Milla: Really?

Carol: He's lying.

Brevon: I have a lot of work to do, so let's make this quick. Kill them.

The Shade Elites fire on the group. Milla blocks their shots with her shield, while Torque shoots back.

Milla: I can't hold it!

The alarm suddenly goes off, giving the group a chance to escape down a hole in the floor, before Brevon could finish them off with a knife attack.


Brevon: Don't let them escape! Find out who did this!

Brevon escapes the base, knowing there was no time to stop the imminent implosion.

Back at the outskirts of Jade Creek, the Thermal Base is seen imploding. While they were escaping, however, Lilac has been separated from Carol, Milla, and Torque.

-Lilac's Scene-

As Lilac struggles to get up, Neera and her submarine suddenly approach her, much to her shock and dismay.

Lilac: No! NO!!

Neera: Stand down!

Lilac: I have to find them!

Neera: There are two ways we can do this, dragon! And you're only conscious in one of them!

Lilac, having no other option, finally gives in to Neera's orders.

Lilac: Do what you have to.

Neera arrests the severely injured Lilac and take her back to Shang Tu.

-Carol and Milla's Scene-

Carol, Milla and Torque emerge from the creek, seeing that Lilac was nowhere to be found.

Carol: Lilac!

Torque: Can you sense where she is, Milla?

Milla kneels to the ground to try and find Lilac's scent, but picked up another scent, much to her shock.

Milla: Something's coming! Something very big is coming!

Torque changes into his shellduck form.

Torque: Stay behind me.

A large truck drives by with General Gong and several Shang Tu soldiers riding on it.

Gong: Halt! I SAID HALT!

Gong notices the trio.

Gong: Well look what we have here.

Milla: Have you seen Lilac?

Gong: The dragon girl? I'm afraid not.

Carol: Well, what's with the army?

Gong: Zao and his goons are about to attack Shuigang. I'm not about to let that happen.

Torque: Zao is going to war?!

Carol: Not if we reach him. All he needs is a little bit of persuasion, if you know what I'm talkin' about.

Milla: We're friends with him. Maybe we can ask him to stop!

Gong: Yeah, like that's gonna w... Hey, wait a minute... I think you might be on to something! Hop in!

Bird Officer: Weh.

Carol, Milla, and Torque hops onto the truck and accompanies Gong and the Shang Tu army to the snowfields.

Shang Tu Royal Palace

Neera brings the injured Lilac before the Magister.

Magister: Once again, you have deceived us. Do you realize what this means?

Lilac: If it makes any difference, your excellency...I'm deeply sorry.

Magister: It means that I have been foolish.

Lilac is surprised by what the magister just said.

Magister: We examined the fragment your commander gave us.

-Start Blooper-

Lilac: Does that mean y-that you'll help?

-End Blooper-

Lilac: Does that mean that you'll help?

Magister: There is something you must do for us first. a mission, if you will. Accept and we will restore your strength. Succeed and we will restore your honor.

Lilac: Th...Thank you, your excellency.

Lilac is then taken and placed in a sauna filled with liquified Health Petals, which heals her body, replenishes her strength and restores her twin ponytails. Afterwards, Neera brought Lilac back to the throne room so she and the Magister can brief her on the mission.

Neera: The fragment your commander gave us is indeed crafted from a rare mineral. But we've discovered it before. In one other location.

Lilac: Why haven't you dug it up by now?

Neera: We feared that it was radioactive. Now that we've studied it in person, we know that it is safe enough to investigate.

Magister: This could provide the answers we seek...Why the invaders know of our world, and more importantly, how to defeat them.

Neera: Get in there, find what you can, and leave. Do it as quickly as possible.

Lilac bows to the Magister.

Lilac: I won't fail you.

Pangu Lagoon

Later, as Lilac travels into the deepest parts of Pangu Lagoon, she eventually encounters a massive blue dragon, much to her surprise.

Lilac: What? This...This can't be possible!

The dragon roars. They battle. Lilac wins. Afterwards, it is revealed that the dragon was actually a hologram projected by a robot in Syntax's likeness by the name of Pangu. After the hologram vanishes, Pangu falls to the ground, short-circuiting.

Lilac: You're one of Brevon's robots!


Lilac: Then what are you?


Lilac: What are you? Where did you come from?


Lilac runs up and kicks Pangu, rebooting it's systems.


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