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Freedom Planet

What? This. . . This can't be possible!
- Lilac, seeing the Holodragon for the first time

Pangu Lagoon: Holodragon

In Freedom Planet, Pangu is the End-Boss of Pangu Lagoon, where she takes the form of the Holodragon and attacks Lilac, who was exploring the ruins at the time, searching for clues on how to defeat Lord Brevon's Army and save Avalice.


As the name implies, the Holodragon is a hologram projected by Pangu, depicting a massive, snake-like Dragon similar to the ones from East-Asian Mythology. It has a blue and white body, light-blue eyes, mustache-like whiskers and red orbs covering its back from neck to tail.


The Holodragon will appear a few seconds after Lilac enters a large arena-like area with Time Gates that are reachable via Dragon Cyclones. After appearing out of the darkness, it will roar and flies away, beginning the Boss Fight as it prepares to fight.

The Holodragon will fly from one side of the area to the next, while alternating between each of its attacks. Its weak points are the Red Orbs that cover its back, able to be destroyed with 2 Dragon Cyclones or a single Hair Whip. The best way to destroy the Orbs are to super-charge Lilac's Hair Whips with Time Gates and standing at either side of the area as the Holodragon flies away following an attack. Once enough Red Orbs are destroyed, the Holodragon's eyes will start flashing yellow, indicating that it is close to being defeated (the number of required Red Orbs to be destroyed depends on the Stage Difficulty). After damaging the eye, the Holodragon will be defeated, and Pangu will be revealed, collapsing on the ground due to damage.


Attack Details
Dragon Beam
The Holodragon's most powerful attack; it will charge up energy and fire a large beam that can inflict Stunlock. This attack is avoidable with a Dragon Boost, or a Super Dragon Boost.
Dragon Bite
Using its teeth, the Holodragon will trace Lilac's movement and attempts to bite her.
Dragon Fire Storm
The Holodragon will shoots out multiple fireballs that home in on Lilac. This attack can be avoided with the speed from a Dragon Boost.

It is recommended not to use the Dragon Boost to hit the Holodragon's Red Orbs, as it will leave Lilac vulnerable to the Dragon Beam and Dragon Fire Storm attacks.

Freedom Planet 2

Gong's Training Hall: Pangu Holograms

In Freedom Planet 2, Pangu can be fought as a Boss in Gong's Training Hall at the Royal Palace in Shang Tu, where she creates Holographic projections of the Player's Character and have them fight against themselves.

Hologram Details Moveset
FP2LilacStance Holo.gif
  • Name: Holo-Lilac
  • Petals: 5
  • Description
    • A Hologram of Lilac
    • Speed-Type
  • Name: Holo-Carol
  • Petals:
  • Description
    • A Hologram of Carol
    • Brawler-Type
  • Claw Combo
  • Wild Claw
  • Jump Kick
  • Jump Disc
  • Jump Disc Warp
  • Pounce
  • Roll
  • Name: Holo-Milla
  • Petals:
  • Description
    • A Hologram of Milla
    • Explorer-Type
  • Phantom Cube
  • Super Shield Burst
  • Cube Blaster
  • Spiral Attack
  • Name: Holo-Neera
  • Petals:
  • Description
    • A Hologram of Neera
    • Power-Type
  • Ice lasso
  • Sniper drive
  • Ice Stab
  • Corkscrew Glide
  • Spike Trap