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Password accepted. Follow me.
- Pangu, after Lilac kicks her to reboot her systems.

Pangu[1] is a floating Robotic AI that looks similar to Syntax, and was created by a Dragon Scientist from Ancient Times. Her memory banks harbor a collection of data left behind by the Ancient Dragons of the Before Time. Pangu also has a holoprojection screen, which she uses to transform into the Holodragon.


Pangu is an ancient, Artificial Intelligence Robotic with an appearance that mirrors that of Syntax: being a cephalopod-like robot with two tentacle-like arms. The only difference is that her color scheme consists of white, blue, silver & red.


As a Robot, Pangu is programed to house data and information. it is currently unknown if she has a humor function like Syntax does.


Pangu shares many abilities with Syntax, such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Being an AI Robot like Syntax, Pangu is programed to be intelligent and provide advice to her superiors.
  • Holographic Projection: Much like Syntax, Pangu can create holographic projections of various people and creatures, such as the Holodragon and the members of Team Lilac. She'll also use her Holograms as a means of defending herself and the knowledge she possesses from any potential threat.
  • Video Recording: Pangu can record messages of important events and preserve them in her memory banks in the form of Time Capsules.


  • The name Pangu originates from Chinese Mythology, being the name of a Primordial Being and Creation Figure who separated the Heavens and Earth; becoming geographic features such as Mountains, Rivers, etc.