Planet Avalice: Shuigang Palace (Night)

An unknown ship flies towards the Palace.

A green glow starts coming from below ground inside the Palace, and several Shuigang Soldiers come to investigate. Suddenly, the unknown ship comes out from under the floor and charges through the palace. As it destroys several columns, it deploys Shade Elites which overwhelm the soldiers. A helicopter comes and fires numerous rockets at the Shade Elites, until a stranger reveals himself. The soldiers open fire on this stranger, which has no effect, much to their shock. The stranger brandishes a poison covered knife.

Brevon: My turn.

The screen turns black as Brevon rips through the soldiers and helicopters. He is then seen marching forward towards the King of Shuigang, who is sitting on the throne.

King: How did this happen? Our walls are impenetrable!

Brevon: Your floor isn't.

King: Well then... if death is what you seek, then I will gladly provide it!

The King brandishes a large axe and leaps down towards Brevon, who easily dodges the attack. The Shade Elites then fire several shots at the King, wounding him. Brevon walks forward to the King and brandishes his knife.

Brevon: There's no reason to be hostile, your majesty. In fact, you should be proud. Your son is moments away from inheriting the throne.

Dail is revealed, being held captive by the Shade Elites.

King: Dail!

Dail: I tried, father!

King: What do you want with us?!

Brevon: How shall I explain this... I'm gifting your son with my knowledge. It will make him the most powerful ruler your world has ever known... and he will answer to no one but me.

Brevon beheads the King.

Dail: No... MURDERER!

Dail dashes towards Brevon, who easily grabs him.

Brevon: Prepare the snatcher.

The Shade Troopers leave as a robot comes towards Dail.

The screen turns black as Dail's scream is heard.

The scene fades to the Kingdom Stone, with the Royal Magister narrating.

Magister: A crisis has befallen our world. For centuries, we have depended on the Kingdom Stone... but it's strength is fading. It cannot keep up with our growing demand for energy. The prince of Shuigang, poisoned with madness over the death of his father, has spread machines across the land to steal energy from other kingdoms. Tensions are growing, and I fear that war may be inevitable.

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