The following Page is a Collection of Quotes said by Neera Li.

Freedom Planet


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"You betrayed the Law!"

- At the start of the Boss Fight in Jade Creek


- During the chase in Jade Creek

- Taking damage
- Being Defeated


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"What is the meaning of this."

- Pre-Relic Maze, confronting Lilac & Carol at the Ancient Temple

"You heard what the General said. There is nothing to worry about."

- Pre-Relic Maze, denying a theft plot against the Kingdom Stone

"Don't make me repeat myself."

- Pre-Relic Maze, telling Lilac & Carol to leave

"Something doesn't smell right . . . "

- Post-Relic Maze, suspicious of Lilac & Carol after the pillage

"You never smell right. I'm referring to those kids."

- Post-Relic Maze, not referring to Gong's scent

"They know something about this. We have to find them."

- Post-Relic Maze, wanting to find Lilac & Carol

"Wait! Don't touch it."

- Pre-Jade Creek, stopping the Magister from examining the Robopanther fragment

"This theory you have of a man from another world sounds highly suspicious, at best."

- Pre-Jade Creek, doubting the existence of Lord Brevon

"If you would allow me to explain, Magister, I have a different theory in mind."

- Pre-Jade Creek, offering a counter-theory to Torque's explanation

"This is nothing but an attempt from Mayor Zao to cover up the atrocity he commited against our Kingdom Stone."

-Pre-Jade Creek, believing Torque's explanation is a scheme by Zao

"He must have offered you a generous reward to come here and make up this ridiculous story."

- Pre-Jade Creek, believing Zao offered Team Lilac money

"Afterall, you can't resist money, Sash Lilac and Carol Tea."

- Pre-Jade Creek, revealing Lilac & Carol's names

"You were quite the fortune teller yesterday, so I couldn't resist doing a little background check."

- Pre-Jade Creek, sharing the details of her investigation on Lilac & Carol

"Not only have the two of you been stealing crystal shards, you've been working for the same group that claimed responsibility for the stone's theft . . . "

- Pre-Jade Creek, accusing Team Lilac of being part of the Kingdom Stone's theft

"The Red Scarves."

- Pre-Jade Creek, announcing Lilac & Carol as members of the Red Scarves

"They're criminals and spies, your excellency."

- Pre-Jade Creek, revealing Team Lilac as criminals

"Relax. It's dishonorable to harm small children."

- Pre-Jade Creek, catching Milla in the sewers, with no intention of harming her

"Follow me."

- Pre-Jade Creek, after freeing Milla from an ice cage

"Nice try."

- Pre-Jade Creek, placing Milla back behind bars unharmed

"Very well."

- Pre-Jade Creek, after Lilac wants to "confess" to the Magister

"Stand down!"

- Post-Thermal Base, finding an injured Lilac in the Jade Creek Outskirts

"There are two ways we can do this, dragon! And you're only conscious in one of them!"

- Post-Thermal Base, arresting an injured Lilac

"The fragment your Commander gave us is indeed crafted from a rare mineral."

- Pre-Pangu Lagoon, explaining to Lilac about a rare mineral in Torque's fragment

"But we've discovered it before. In one other location."

- Pre-Pangu Lagoon, explaining to Lilac about the mineral's location of origin

"We feared that it was radioactive. Now that we've studied it in person, we know that it is safe enough to investigate."

- Pre-Pangu Lagoon, explain to Lilac why the mineral and location hasn't been explored

"Get in there, find what you can, and leave. Do it as quickly as possible."

- Pre-Pangu Lagoon, giving Lilac the objective of her mission


The following Quotes were said by Neera, but went unused.

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Freedom Planet 2

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- Using Ice Lasso

"Out of my way!"

- Alternate Ice Lasso line


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"My Staff is done charging now."
"I suppose I could use a break."


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- Defeated
"I'm just warming up."
"We're not finished here!"
"Let's try this again, shall we?!"

Stage Clear

Dialogue Voice Clip
"You're pathetic!"
"Huh, nice try!"
You fought well. Too bad you're on the wrong side."
"No mercy."


Dialogue Voice Clip
"In light of our mutually assured destruction, I believe a truce is in order."

- Neera Gameplay Preview Trailer

"The Magister has summoned you all for an audience."

- To Team Lilac, Adventure Mode 2019 Trailer

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