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Freedom Planet

"You betrayed the Law!"
- Neera, at the start of the Boss Fight

Neera Li is the Mid-Boss of Jade Creek in Freedom Planet, pursuing Team Lilac through the Stage in an attempt to put their escape efforts "on ice".


Neera starts off by freezing the ground and drops in from the top of the screen afterwards. After summoning a Shield, she mainly jumps around and throws Ice Lassos. When taking damage, Neera jump into the air to freeze the ground again, summoning another Shield afterwards. She is most vulnerable while in the air, and the Player has to act quickly to attack her. Once beaten, Neera will jump onto the Bird Guard's Hovercraft and retreats. If the Player loses to Neera, they'll be frozen in a block of Ice and carried away by the Hovercraft.

Later on in the Stage, Neera will make another attempt to stop the Player, saying "Freeze!" as she does. Then, in an ironic twist, she'll be hit and frozen by an Ice Missile, and then carried away by Bird Guard's Hovercraft. The barrier behind her will transform into Crystal Shards, allowing the Player to proceed through the rest of the Stage.

The Player can avoid Neera's Attacks in the following ways:

  • Use Lilac's Dragon Cyclone to dodge the Ice Floor.
  • Use the invulnerability from Carol's Wild Kick.
  • Deflect the Ice Lassos with Milla's Shield.
  • Attack Neera from behind (In Hard Mode, she'll quickly turn around and attack).


Picture Details
Neera Li Spinning Attack.gif

Ice Projectile 1.png

Ice Projectile 2.png
Ice Spikes
Neera will spin jump into the air and throws Ice Spikes on the ground with her Cryo Staff. Once they hit the ground, the Ice Spikes will grow into larger Spikes, covering most of the ground.
Ice Lasso
Using her Cryo Staff, Neera can throws ice projectiles that can ricochet off the wall, ground, ceiling and even Milla's Shield. If the Player gets hit by this attack while out of Life Petals, they'll be frozen in a block of ice and defeated.
Neera Shield Summon.gif
Shield Summon
After throwing Ice Spikes onto the ground, Neera summons a random Shield for extra protection. She can summon Water, Earth & Fire Shields.

Freedom Planet 2

You have done well to make it this far, but facing the Champion is my responsibility.
- Neera, ready to fight in the Hero Battle Royale

In Freedom Planet 2, Neera Li retains her original role as a Boss, and is fought in the following Stages:

Gong's Training Hall

In Gong's Training Hall, Neera is one of the Player's Sparring Partners, along with Lilac, Carol, Milla, Gong & Askal. If playing as Neera herself, they will have the option to select the Pangu Hologram, which allows them to fight a holographic clone of Neera herself, nicknamed Holo-Neera.

The Battlesphere

In the Battlesphere, Neera is one of the Bosses in the Hero Battle Royale, where the Player has to fight and defeat the other Playable Characters in order to challenge Captain Kalaw.


Neera is slower compared to the other characters, but she makes up for it with brute-like strength, and the addition her Frost Arts makes her a lethal force in battle who will give any opponent who underestimates her the "cold shoulder". Pangu's Hologram of Neera, Holo-Neera, mimics the exact same moves and fighting style as Neera herself.




Ice Lasso

Neera can throws a ring of ice that can ricochet off the walls. If it hits an opponent, they'll be frozen in a block of ice for a few seconds.

Sniper Drive

Neera can fire shots of ice to hit long range opponents.

Ice Stab

Neera can use her Cryo Staff to stab any opponents in front on her.

Corkscrew Glide

While airborne, Neera can spin into opponents like a corkscrew.

Spike Trap

Neera can throw small ice spike that grow in size, able to trap opponents, block projectiles and even spring her into the air.



  • During the Jade Creek fight in Freedom Planet, if losing to Neera as Carol or Milla, an image of a frozen Lilac will be shown for a split second. This tends to occur if the player is defeated while in mid-air.



Freedom Planet Neera Li mini-boss battle (Lilac,Hard,No Damage)

Lilac vs Neera


Freedom Planet Neera Li mini-boss battle (Carol,Hard,No Damage)

Carol vs Neera


Freedom Planet Neera Li mini-boss battle (Milla,Hard,No Damage)

Milla vs Neera