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"There are two ways we can do this, dragon! And you're only conscious in one of them!"
Neera, arresting a severely injured Lilac

Neera Li is the Royal Magister's advisor and the chief of the STPD. At first, she was very distrusting of Lilac and her friends, but after all the suspicions were cleared up, she became less doubtful and aids them in defeating Lord Brevon and his army. In the two years after Lord Brevon's defeat, Neera joins Team Lilac to assist them in their training and guide them on their missions.

History Edit

Neera is first seen at the Ancient Temple when Lilac and Carol are telling Gong that the Kingdom Stone was in danger, but tells the girls not to worry about it. She was there to protect the temple from Zao, who sent his Soldiers to pillage the Temple that same evening, but it turns out he was just using it as a cover up. As a result, the Kingdom Stone was successfully stolen from its resting place by Spade.

Neera became certain that the girls know more about the heist, so she started an investigation on the two while Gong was sent to request them to act as a neutral party to negotiate with Zao. Later, when Shuigang stole the Stone, the group arrived in Shang Tu to inform the Magister of the situation, and for Torque to try and convince him of Brevon's existence, using a piece of the Robopanther as evidence. However, Neera still remained skeptical, being able to convince the Magister to inprison them after stating that their claims were a ploy by Zao and mentioning that Lilac & Carol were members of the Red Scarves, who we're also the culprits behind the theft of the Kingdom Stone. Later on, Neera catches Milla, who manages to escape the dungeon through the Palace sewers, and takes her back to her cell. Lilac tells Neera she wants to confess to the Magister by pleading guilty to her claims to get Torque released. But it was a trick as the girls effortlessly break out of the palace dungeon. Neera pursues them through Jade Creek, but fails to capture them, accidentally getting frozen by an ice missile from the Bird Guard's hovercraft.

Neera only finds Lilac, who gives up easily because at the time, she was burnt and weakened from being brutally tortured by Brevon at his Remote Base. She brings her to the Magister, who apologizes to her, followed by Neera stating that she feared the piece of the Robopanther was radioactive, but learned that they actually discovered the material before. After healing Lilac's injuries, Neera sends her to investigate Pangu Lagoon, where the material was first discovered. She later accompanies Lilac and Pangu to the Snowfields, where the armies of Shang Tu and Shang Mu were about to wage war against each other, but are stopped by the Holodragon, which convinces them to unite against their commom enemy.

After Brevon's defeat, Neera is seen tending to Milla, who was in a death-like coma after Brevon turned her into a mutant monster and forced her to attack her friends. Later, She, along with the girls, Torque and Gong, were all invited by Zao to attended a royal feast at Shang Mu City Hall to celebrate their victory over Brevon and the new form of the Kingdom Stone: a Crystalline Vortex.


Neera is a strict law enforcer who enforces the Magister's will and appears to accompany Gong a majority of the time. Neera takes a very proactive role in her work, growing skeptical of how Lilac and Carol knew about the attack on the Ancient Temple and going so far as to do a background check on the two. However, she is not a machine obsessed with duty; recognizing Milla as a child, and that she is simply guilty due to being an accomplice, also stating that it was dishonorable to hurt small children, showing that she has a sense of honor.

Relationships Edit

Magister: Neera is the Magister's trusted advisor. She inforces his will throughout Avalice, and always advises him whenever she can. It is also likely that it was the Magister who appointed Neera to be the chief of the STPD.

Gong: Neera often works alongside the General with certain tasks, such as protecting the ancient temple and the Kingdom Stone within. When she stated that something doesn't smell right, Gong thinks she's referring to his body odor, making her answer that he never smells right.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Neera is a very powerful martial artist with good weapon and energy manipulation skills. While being slower than the other members of Team Lilac, she certainly is athletic and durable, even nearly being an unstoppable force in combat.

Nerra has a variety of Elemental Weapons to use, but her Weapon of Choice is a Cryo Staff, which she uses to utilize her Frost Arts by manipulating the crystal energy stored in (or charged into) the Staff to create ice. Neera's fighting style when fighting with the Cryo Staff resembles Naginatajutsu. She is also capable of summoning an Elemental Shield for extra protection

Frost Arts Edit

With her Frost Arts, Neera can fight and capture her opponents easily and non-lethally with ice, even though ice has the potential to be deadly. She can also use Frost Arts as a means of transportation by creating a floor of ice for her to skate on. Neera's known Frost Arts are listed as the following:

  • Crystal Cage: Nerra creates a cage out of ice to capture her opponents. It has been shown to be very effective on Team Lilac, when they were trapped inside them after the Magister told her to detain them. It was used one more time when Milla was searching for Torque in the Palace Drainage System.
  • Ice Lasso: One of Neera's most powerful techniques. She spawns a ring out of ice which, on collision with an opponent, either deals some mild damage or even freeze the victim solid. During the Boss fight in Jade Creek, If the Player is defeated by Neera, they'll be frozen in a block of ice. This attack can even ricochet off the walls and Milla's Shield.
  • Ice Floors: Against Team Lilac in Jade Creek, when in mid-air, Neera creates sticky, spiked ice crystals which expand when landing on the ground.
  • Spike Traps: Neera can throw small ice spikes that sprout into larger spikes upon hitting the ground, able to catch enemies, block projectiles and even spring herself in to the air.

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Boss Battle Edit

Neera is only fought once in Freedom Planet. She begins the battle by throwing ice on the ground (which shortly disappears) and says "You betrayed the law!", before falling on the ground and summoning a random Shield (Earth, Fire, Water). After that she uses a melee attack which also throws a clone of her flying scepter around the closed room, followed by a jump to where the character is standing, and then by another melee attack, and so on. When hit, she jumps, throws ice on the ground, and falls, after which she summons another random elemental shield and attacks in the usual way. However, if Neera takes enough damage after flinching, she will flinch again before she can summon a shield.

The best strategy to beat Neera is to attack her while she's in the air, which is where she's most vulnerable. The player can attack her midair by using Lilac's Dragon Cyclone and Hair Whips, Carol's Wild Kick and Milla's Super Shield Bursts.

The player can evade damage from Neera's attacks in the following ways:

  • Using Lilac's Dragon Cyclone to avoid Neera's Ice Floor.
  • Using the brief invincibility from Carol's Wild Kick.
  • Using Milla's Shield to deflect Neera's Ice Lassos.
  • Getting behind Nerra, where she can't attack (Warning: in Hard Mode, Nerra pays attention to the player's movement and quickly turns around to attack the player if they try to get behind her).

When she's defeated in battle, Neera will crouch on the ground and breathe heavily. Then she jumps onto the police hovercraft and goes on ahead. At this point, the Player can advance to complete the rest of Jade Creek.

After getting past the submarine in the second area of Jade Creek, Neera will attempt to stop the player again, saying "Freeze!". Then, in an ironic twist, she ends up frozen after getting hit by an ice missile, and is subsequently carried away by the police hovercraft. Afterwards, a barrier disappears, allowing the Player to proceed.


  • Neera is one of the two bosses in the game with the ability to summon elemental Shields, the other being Prince Dail.
  • Because Neera was once a priestess, this gives a hint that Avalice may have a main religion.
  • When losing to Neera as Carol or Milla, a sprite of frozen Lilac is visible for a split second.
  • Neera is the only character in Freedom Planet whose name is never directly mentioned in any dialogue albeit being known.
  • Neera has the slowest energy recharge rate compared to other playable characters.
  • Neera has two idle quotes in Freedom Planet 2:
    • "My Staff is done charging now."
    • "I suppose I could use a break."
  • In Freedom Planet 2, Neera idolizes when reviving:
    • "I'm just warming up!"
    • "We're not finished here!"
    • "Let's try this again, shall we!?"


References Edit

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