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This section contains information about content that is currently in development.

Non-Playable Characters, NPCs for short, are the Citizens of Avalice who appear in the HUB Worlds of Adventure Mode in Freedom Planet 2. The Player can interact with them and do things like purchase Items and Music Vinyls as they progress the story.

NPC Lists

There are over 100 Characters to interact with, including the Main Cast and Playable Characters. The interaction of each character is determined by whoever the Player is controlling. For example, if the Player is controlling Neera, the Royal Guards will salute her out of respect since she outranks them (plus she's kinda scary).

Here are the lists of every NPC so far, as well as the Kingdom they're from:

Playable Characters

The Playable Characters can appear in the HUB Worlds as NPCs, varying on who the Player is controlling.

Picture Name Species Occupation
FP2LilacIdle Sash Lilac Water Dragon/??? ---
CarolIdle Carol Tea Wildcat ---
MillaIdle Milla Basset Hush Basset Shopkeeper (Potions)
FP2NeeraIdle Neera Li Panda STPD Chief

Shang Tu NPCs

These are the NPCs who appear in Shang Tu.

Picture Name Species Occupation
AskalSprite Askal Earth Dragon/Aspin Sergeant
Fp2-birdguardsprite Bird Officer Bird Royal Guard
Bo Red Panda ---
GongSprite2 Gong Panda General
Julie Rat Palace Inspector
Fp2-pangusprite Pangu Robotic AI Training Aide
Fp2-magistersprite Magister Earth Dragon Shang Tu's Leader

Shang Mu NPCs

These are the NPCs who appear in Shang Mu.

Picture Name Species Occupation
BattlesphereAnnouncer Igor Bird Battlesphere Host
KalawSprite Kalaw Rufous Hornbill Battlesphere Champion
Kiki Cat Shopkeeper (Salon)
Rebecca Panda Shopkeeper (Restaurant)
Fp2-zaosprite Zao Red Panda Shang Mu's Mayor

Shuigang NPCs

These are the NPCs who appear in Shuigang.

Picture Name Species Occupation
Fp2-dailsprite Dail Panda Shuigang's King
Judy Dog Royal Guard

Parusa NPCs

At this current time, no NPCs from Parusa have been identified yet.

Picture Name Species Occupation

Other NPCs

This is a temporary List of NPCs whose locations have not yet been confirmed.

  • Spade - Panda - Red Scarves Mercenary
  • Merga - Water Dragon - Final Ember
  • Corazon Tea - Wildcat - Airship Pilot/Mercenary
  • Aaa - Tarsier - Mechanic
  • Cordelia - Earth Dragon - Princess (Deceased)
  • Serpentine - Viper - Alien General
  • Maria Notte - Fruit Bat - News Anchor
  • Ainia
  • Alicia
  • Amelia
  • Balthazar
  • Blake
  • Ciri
  • Wallace
  • Yuni - Bunny(?) - Shopkeeper


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