You're so funny when you don't say anything!
- Milla, commenting on Mr. Stumpy's silence

Mr. Stumpy is a minor "Character" in Freedom Planet, appearing only in Milla's Story Mode. It appears to be an inanimate tree stump with a face carved onto it, most likely done by Milla herself, to help cope with her loneliness while she was living alone in the woods, with the whereabouts of her parents unknown.


Mr. Stumpy is a brown Tree Stump with a pair of black eyes and a smile carved into "him". "He" also has a small green leaf growing on a small branch.

In Freedom Planet 2, Mr. Stumpy appears to have aged a bit, as "he" now has a flower growing on his head and around his body. "He" also has a small split on the top of "his" head. The green leaf on Mr. Stumpy's has also sprouted a bit, and the face appear to be a bit distorted; and "his" eyes are looking as if they're ready to fall off at any moment.


Freedom Planet

Playdate with Mr. Stumpy

Mr. Stumpy is first seen after Milla appears with a crate containing Crystal Shards, which were the secret ingredient for a "SUPER Feather Potion" that she was planning to make. She throws the crate on the ground and it breaks open, scattering the Crystal Shards all over the ground. Milla vows to "fly real high in the clouds, find her parents and live happily ever after", like in the stories. She asks Mr. Stumpy if her plan sounded great, but "he" doesn't say a word, much to her amusement. Suddenly, the ground starts to shake and Milla begins to worry. Then out of nowhere, a Shang Mu truck drives by and frightens Milla, who runs and hides in a nearby tree, picking up the scattered Crystal Shards in the process. Afterwards, she notices a Purple Dragon Girl running by and chasing after the truck. Knowing that she always wanted to meet a Dragon, Milla follows her and the truck to the ruins of an Ancient Temple, leaving behind Mr. Stumpy, who is never seen again or acknowledged afterwards.

Freedom Planet 2

Mr. Stumpy is confirmed to return in Freedom Planet 2. "He" can be found in the Dragon Valley HUB Area, located just outside the door of Milla's Laboratory.


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