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Soliders Edit

The Soldiers are the Avalicians that serve their corresponding city. Shang Mu's/Shuigang's soliders wear red/green armor with a light blue visor and wield a blaster and a dagger.

Mr. Stumpy Edit

Mr. Stumpy appears in a cutscene exclusive to Milla's story. It appears to simply be an inanimate tree stump with a face drawn on it, most likely by Milla herself, to help cope with her loneliness, while she was living alone in the woods without her parents, whose whereabouts are unknown.

Sleeping Guard Edit

The Sleeping Guard is just a royal guard who, as the name implies, sleeps on the job in the Royal Palace.

Rogue Warriors Edit


The Rogue Warriors decided to confront Brevon at Shuigang Palace in an attempt to stop him but to no avail. Two of them appear in the beginning dead, with the last one telling Brevon that he will fail, right before being beheaded. Brevon passed off the warrior's final words as an interesting theory.

Dragon Scientist Edit


The unnamed Dragon Scientist, also known in-game as ?????, appears in the holographic message from Pangu, who was found by Lilac in Pangu Lagoon, explaining the origins of the Kingdom Stone and the ancient dragons of the before time. He also appears during the staff credits.