The Super Dog, Milla Basset

The following Page is a Collection of Quotes said by Milla Basset.

Freedom Planet


Dialogue Voice Clip
- On Character Select/ When finding a buried object
- When taking damage
"I can't . . . move it!"
- Pushing on an inmovable object
- When finding a buried object
- When not finding a buried object
- When finding a buried object
- When finding a buried object
"I can't . . . I WON'T!"
- Fighting Dail & the Kujacker in Sky Battalion
- Being defeated


Dialogue Voice Clip
"What should I do?"
"Is someone staring at me?"
"Ummmmmmmm . . . hehe."

Stage Clear

Dialogue Voice Clip
"That was fun!"
"I'm a Super Dog!"

Continue from Game Over

Dialogue Voice Clip


Dialogue Voice Clip
"Guess what I got, Mr. Stumpy! The secret ingredient for my SUPER feather potion!'

- Pre-Relic Maze, after approaching Mr. Stumpy with a crate

"I'll fly real high in the clouds so I can find my mommy and daddy, and we'll all live happily ever after, like in the stories!"
- Pre-Relic Maze, telling Mr. Stumpy her plan to find her Parents
"You're so funny when you don't say anything!"

- Pre-Relic Maze, commenting on Mr. Stump's scilence

"What's going on?"

- Pre-Relic Maze, wondering why the ground is shaking

- Milla being scared
"A dragon?"

- Pre-Relic Maze, seeing Lilac from atop a tree

"I always wanted to meet a dragon!"

- Pre-Relic Maze, desiring to meet a Dragon

"Are you a dragon?"

- Post-Relic Maze, meeting Lilac for the first time

"Can . . . can I touch your hair?"
- Post-relic Maze, asking Lilac is she could touch her ponytails
"Oh, okay, nevermind . . . "

- Post-Relic Maze, changing her mind about touching Lilac's hair

*giggles* "It's like a rope!"

- Post-Relic Maze, touching Lilac's ponytail

"Maybe we can be friends!"

- Post-Relic Maze, asking Lilac if they can be friends

"I'm Milla! What's your name?"

- Post-Relic Maze, introducing herself to Lilac & Carol

"That's a pretty name."

- Post-Relic Maze, responding to Lilac's introduction

"Hi . . . "

- Post-Relic Maze, nervously meeting Carol

"I was playing over here, and then those people came. They're not very nice"

- Post-Relic Maze, answering Carol about what she's doing in the woods


- Post-Relic Maze, being invited to Lilac's Treehouse

"That sounds like fun!"

- Post-Relic Maze, accepting Lila's invite to the Treehouse


- Post-Relic Maze, agreeing to watch a movies

"I like being surprised!"
- Post-Relic Maze, when Lilac asks what kind of movies she likes
"Cooties, Hehe!"

- Post-Relic Maze, responding to Carol about Torque and Cooties

"Ummm . . . I wanna come too!"

- Post-Relic Maze, wanting to join Lilac & Carol on an Adventure


- Post-Relic Maze, after Lilac says she can come with her on an Adventure


- Post-Relic Maze, being recruited by Torque to save Avalice

"Good morning Carol!"

- Pre-Fortune Night, waking up Carol

"To Adventure!"

- Pre-Fortune Night, ready for Adventure

"This way!"

- Pre-Fortune Night, picking up Gong's scent in the Rage Ravine

"I'll be okay!"

- Pre-Fortune Night, after climbing into a plane


- Pre-Fortune Night, pursuing Serpentine's ship

"Wow! we're really strong as a team!"
- Post-Fortune Night, after defeating the Robopanther
"You mean . . . a royal feast?"

- Post-Fortune Night, being invited to dinner by Zao


- Post-Fortune Night, reacting to a plate of Sushi

"I love sushi!"
- Post-Fortune Night, eating sushi with her friends at Shang Mu City hall
"Can we try? Pretty please?"

- Pre-Sky Battalion, using her "puppy eyes" to persuade Zao to help them

"Wow . . . "

- Pre-Sky Battalion, seeing Zao's Airship for the first time

"Thank You!"

- Pre-Sky Battalion, before departing on Zao's Airship

"I'm . . . I'm making a wish."

- Pre-Sky Battalion, responding to Carol while looking at the stars

"Well . . . . . . I really wanna see my mommy and daddy again!"
- Pre-Sky Battalion, telling Carol her the wish she made

- Pre-Sky Battalion, before going below deck with Carol

"Yeah . . . "

- Post-Sky Battalion, when Lilac comes to check on her

"I'm not sure . . . It feels like a really long time."

- Post-Sky Battalion, after Lilac asks her about her parents

"Yeah . . . "

- Post-Sky Battalion, answering Lilac's follow up question

"You mean . . . a playdate?"

- Post-Sky Battalion, when Lilac offers to hang out with her in the future

"What about Carol? Can she come too?"

- Post-Sky Battalion, asking Lilac if Carol can come to the "playdate"

*giggles* "Well, sure! I'd like that!"

- Post-Sky Battalion, accepting Lilac's offer for a "playdate"

"Look everyone! The city!"

- Post-Sky Battalion, when Zao's Airship comes into view of Shang Tu

"This way!"

- Pre-Jade Creek, digging a hole in the cell

"I can dig through here!"

- Pre-Jade Creek, finding a way out of the dungeon

"I'll go! For the team!"

- Pre-Jade Creek, volunteering to escape and find Torque

"What are you gonna do to me?"

- Pre-Jade Creek, after being caught by Neera in the Palace Sewers

"I'm sorry . . . "

- Pre-Jade Creek, apologizing to Lilac & Carol for getting caught

"What do we do?"

- Post-Jade Creek, after they fail to save Torque


- Post-Jade Creek, asking Lilac her follow up question

"Let me come with you!"

- Post-Jade Creek, wanting to go with Lilac

"I won't leave you . . . "

- Pre-Jade Creek, refusing to leave Lilac's side


- Post-Jade Creek, after Lilac runs off to save Torque alone

"She's gone!"

- Pre-Trap Hideout, warning Carol that Lilac has gone off alone

"Are you mad at her?"

- Pre-Trap Hideout, wondering if Carol is still mad at Lilac

"What is this place?"

- Pre-Trap Hideout, entering the Storm Drainage Tunnels

"You were a ninja?"

- Pre-Trap Hideout, asking Carol if she was a ninja


- Post-Trap Hideout, breaking up the fight between Carol & Spade

"You're right . . . we need your help. Our friends are in trouble!"
- Post-Trap Hideout, asking Spade for help
"Lilac's scent is this way!"

- Post-Thermal Base, picking up Lilac's scent


- Post-Thermal Base, believing Brevon's sarcastic apology

"I can't hold it!"

- Post-Thermal Base, struggling to block enemy fire with her Shield

"Something's coming! Something very big is coming!"

- Post-Thermal Base, picking up a scent of something other than Lilac

"Have you seen Lilac?"

- Post-Thermal Base, asking Gong if he's seen Lilac

"We're friends with him. Maybe we can reach him!"

- Post-Thermal Base, persuading Gong that they can talk to Zao

"Let me help!"

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, offering to help Zao & Gong see eye to eye (literally)


- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, seeing the Holodragon approaching

"Was that . . . ?"

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, wondering if the Holodragon was Lilac


- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, seeing Lilac on top of a truck

"It's really you! You came back!"

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, happy to see Lilac back safe and sound


- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, after seeing Pangu, whom she mistakes for Syntax


- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, driving a Shang Mu Tank

"Why can't we go in together?"

- Pre-Final Dreadnought, asking Torque why they can't go with him

"We'll be strong for you!"

- Pre-Final Dreadnought, wanting to be strong for Torque


- Post-Final Dreadnought 3 (Milla's Story), finding Carol unconscious

"Where's Lilac?"

- Post-Final Dreadnought 3 (Milla's Story), worried about Lilac

"Lilac needs help!"

- Post-Final Dreadnought 3 (Milla's Story), resolving to help Lilac

"We'll be stronger together!"
- Post-Final Dreadnought 3 (Milla's Story), after Torque tries to stop her from going
"I can do this!"

- Post-Final Dreadnought 3, showing Torque her courage and determination


- Post-Final Dreadnought 3, promising Torque to keep an eye on Lilac

"Where's Lilac?"

- Confronting Brevon in Final Dreadnought 4 (Milla's Story)

"Lilac . . . ?"

- Fearing Lilac is dead in Final Dreadnought 4 (Milla's Story)

"I . . . can't . . . I WON'T!"

- Standing up to Brevon in Final Dreadnought 4 (Milla's Story)


- During the Epilogue, awakening from her coma

"I'm sorry . . . "

- During the Epilogue, apologizing to her friends


- During her Epilogue, crying in guilt for attacking her friends as a Mutant

"It's Carol! She's okay!"

- During the Epilogue (Milla"s Story), announcing that Carol is okay


- During the Epilogue (Milla's Story), after Carol wakes from her coma

"Wow . . . "

- During the Epilogue, witnessing the Kingdom Stone's transformation

"I'm gonna miss you . . . "

- During the Epilogue, as Torque gets ready to leave Avalice

"Goodbye Torque!"

- During the Epilogue, saying goodbye to Torque


The following Quotes were said by Milla, but went unused.

Freedom Planet 2

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Dialogue Voice Clip
"I don't sense anything yet."


Dialogue Voice Clip
"I have to keep going!"
"I don't go down that easy!"
"That hurts."
"Aww... That wasn't very nice!"

Stage Clear

Dialogue Voice Clip
*bark bark* "Mission Complete!"
*bark bark* "I'm a Super Dog!"
*bark bark* "That was fun!"
*bark bark* "Nice!"


Dialogue Voice Clip
"Lilac! Carol! Wow, You guys look awful!"
- To Lilac & Carol, Adventure mode 2019 Trailer
"Detective Milla is on the case, too!"
- Adding to Askal's Introduction, Adventure Mode 2019 trailer
"Hi! Welcome to el Laboratorito de Milla! By the awesome power of SCIENCE, I make potions to help out on our missions!"
- Milla's Introduction to her Potion Shop
"No! That's not true!"
- When told a Dark Secret, Adventure Mode 2019 Trailer
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